Craziest Revelations from Spare – Prince Harry’s Memoir

Craziest Revelations from Spare – Prince Harry’s Memoir

This article will detail the spiciest revelations from the memoir Prince Harry released recently, Spare.

When it comes to celebrity gossip, the British Royal Family is all the rage. This is for two main reasons. One, the family has a huge historical legacy as the former monarchs of almost half of the world. Secondly, the death of the second-longest reigning monarch of the family, Queen Elizabeth, just happened recently and was all over the headlines all across Planet Earth.

For all these reasons, people care a lot about what is happening in the British Royal Family these days. In case you too are one of the people who really follow what has been happening within the confounds of the renowned Buckingham Palace, this article is just for you. We say this with so much confidence knowing very well that we will be detailing the most exciting gossip that has been generated as a result of the latest memoir of Prince Harry.

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Now that we have told you how to get an internet infrastructure to have a better experience looking at content like this, let us move to the first revelation of the recently released memoir.

Harry & William Vs Charles & Camilla

In case we were asked to pick one blockbuster revelation from Spare, it must be this one. When the then Prince and now King Charles was about to marry the now Queen Consort Camilla, his sons William and Harry begged Prince Charles not to wed her. They said that they were willing to accept her as an accomplice of the now monarch but were not very keen on the idea of her being His Majesty’s wife.

Harry Killed 25 Tablian Fighters

Yet another revelation that has been encircling the news is that of Prince Harry killing the Taliban fighters. And not just two or three fighters but as many as twenty-five of them! He was very clear in the memoir that he feels no remorse for the loss of blood attributed to him because he knew that the people he killed were bad people looking to harm others.

Prince Harry served in Afghanistan in the year 2008. His service was kept secret due to issues related to security as well as press coverage. And the fact that it could be kept away from the eyes of the cut-throat global media speaks volumes of really how confidential his service was.

Harry Vs William

There were many accusations against the heir to the British throne and Harry’s own brother – William – in the memoir. The first charge was that William beat Harry physically. Secondly, according to Harry, William did not do much about the unfair preferential treatment the elder brother received in comparison to his smaller sibling.

The third one is perhaps the most damning as it is about the worldwide sensation of a wedding – Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage. In the memoir, Harry says that William did not want him to be his best man. He proceeded to say that William did not trust him with making a speech at his wedding. It is important to note that Harry did end up being the best man for the groom at the marriage.

Harry Suffers from Mental Health Issues

If we were to point out the noblest thing Prince Harry did in writing his memoir, it was to disclose his struggle with anxiety. This validates the emotions of others with mental health issues.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has helped you get a better picture of what came out of Spare. For more celebrity gossip, feel free to read more blogs on our website. Happy reading!

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