Value Knowledge Over Grades: How Math Promotes Healthy Brain Function?

Value Knowledge Over Grades: How Math Promotes Healthy Brain Function?

Whilst in college we constantly worry about many things like our community, good grades, quality sleep, and our future job. Among the list, there is the least important one which would be graded. Professors and academics are highlighting how crucial good grades are and there is no way to finish your degree without them. However, it is not quite accurate. To finish college getting a good amount of average grades would be enough. What is actually important is the knowledge you receive. This parameter can not b measured by grades, unfortunately, even though it seems like it can be. The actual knowledge that coil is used in real life and at a real job is unique. But, if you could figure it out as a student – you are a winner.

Benefits from learning Math for the brain functunality:

  1. Expends the limits. Mathematics is a very unique subject. There is literally an endless number of problems that can be created and solved in Math and it shows how limitless Science is. Unfortunately, for many students and seems unhelpful and useless torture which they might finish and never go back to. Nevertheless, it is not.
  2. Trains your brain. I am sure there were a lot of situations in school when Math seems like the most complicated subject you absolutely needed help with math assignment as it seemed impossible to solve yourself. On the other hand, I sincerely hope that you remember that feeling once the problem is solved and the pleasure it brought with it. There is no way to describe the delight of solving something super complicated by yourself.
  3. Useful at work. For the business to exist, you must be sure about your spending and income, in order for it to be profitable. And for that we have analytics. There are some basic rules that must not be broken like a company having to spend less money, rather than make more. But, if we dive a little deeper, we need much more than that. Which channels are more profitable and more valuable to invest in? How many people would we need to fulfill the tasks? What salary can we afford? What is the benefit of the newly developed features and is it bringing money? All that could be answered with beautiful analytics. And analytics is basically Math. The world becomes a much better world once Math becomes your friend and not an enemy.
  4. Perfect training. Once we graduate we seem to not need to study ever again. This is what we are aiming for, not spend time on anything that does not bring you money directly. But, it might be a post-traumatic experience after college, university, and school i general, and will not take long until you realize that you would need to study endlessly. Likely, there is such a subject as Math that could be a great help for general development, if we do not talk about practical. If there is room for improvement in your logic and the way you think – it could be very useful to figure out some math tasks. And, honestly, it is like a drug. Once you started 0 it seems impossible to stop.

To sum it up, we can see how Math could be beneficial to us at all times, at all ages. Our brain is a magnificent thing, it is a muscle that can be trained and stretched and Math is one of the very few subjects that could actually constantly challenge it. It might seem like you are one with Math once you finish high school if you do not specialize in anything related to college or university. However, it is all around us, and once you understand that – you become a powerful human being. All the Math problems you have been solving in the class are practical and are actually in your life. So, Math is actually something that could help you game the life knowledge we mentioned and be your support for a long time.

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