Fintech Fonts: How Choosing the Right Typography Can Improve User Experience

Fintech Fonts: How Choosing the Right Typography Can Improve User Experience

Wondering what fintech fonts are? Worry not, as we are here to explain it in detail. In their essence, these fonts are kind of typefaces created especially for financial technology products.

That can be online banking apps, lending platform designs, personal finance apps and tools, or investment platforms. In this text, we will tell you what they are in detail, why they are important, and how they find their place in our lives.

What Are Fintech Fonts & Why Are They Important?

Fintech fonts are ubiquitous and important because they assist in creating a consistent aesthetic that pleases clients. That goes for more than just various sites and apps but even for products. Their point is to allow clients or consumers of specific goods or services to recognize them quickly.

At this point, you probably wonder if you have encountered any. To be honest, you did. Something everyone uses nowadays is payday apps. In them, you see fonts of all kinds and sizes. They can be in a blog related to an app, like payday loans vs. installment loans, or simply the platform’s logo. You will find them in every aspect related to various service texts.

Notably, fintech fonts also play a significant role in creating a positive client/user experience. That’s because they can help make what are often dry interfaces more visually appealing, grabbing users’ attention in a crowded market. But remember, a beautiful website won’t guarantee success without strong Fintech SEO. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can ensure potential clients looking for financial technology solutions can easily find you.

Many designers ensure their products stand out by choosing a suitable font type, size, and color. It does not matter what the product or service is. With good fonts, it will be a head above the already overcrowded tech market. By seeing something different from the rest, you, as a user, will feel tempted to check it out like such businesses attract clients.

What Has Forced the Industry to Implement Fonts

What enforced them, in reality, is the never-ending tech advancements as they have changed industries drastically. That led to the frequent use of such methods and strategies, which are very successful. With them, digital typefaces (fonts) have shown how designers do their job and interact with clients and their new and old audiences.

It is crucial to note that fonts nowadays are more prevalent than ever. It’s important to create good products, services, and proper advertisements. Such can create a memorable and welcoming experience for prospective clients. That shows their importance in business competition and how one can get you ahead of everyone else.

Top 5 Font Types & Styles Used in FinTech UX Design

While we discussed everything of importance related to the fonts, we haven’t yet presented you with any. So below, you’ll see our top picks:

  1. Sans-serif: This font style screams – modernity. These fonts, like “Open Sand and google “Roboto,” are perfect for capturing the essence of the digital era. That’s why you’ll often see them used in many apps. Features there are clean lines and a sleek appearance.
  2. Display: Class – this word describes it the best. It is perfect for FinTech designs, as fonts like “Montserrat” and “Playfair Display” embody elegance.
  3. Geometric: Don’t get it wrong, it’s not math! This font style aims to combine versatility with simplicity. The best examples of it are “Circular.” It’s perfect for digital and even printed-out products and services.
  4. Mono-space: This one can send some FinTech designs out into space. It has a retro-futuristic style. An example is “Courier New,” features we can point to the tiny size that many financial institutions favor.
  5. Lastly – Serif: Don’t mix it with the first one. That is as traditional as it can be. The best example is “Times New Roman,” which offers an authority sensation, an aura many FinTech companies prefer to embody in their designs.

There are plenty of other fonts, but these are commonly used ones in many niches.

Why Custom Fonts Draw Younger People to FinTech Brands

There has been a lot of intriguing data that provides us a glimpse exactly on that matter. Numerous research and analyses allowed us to see the colossal place that mobile banking and various financial apps take in our lives, particularly in young people.

Our research has discovered that the average number of people using apps in the United States is constantly increasing, whether financial or not. However, something is interesting about it, the age difference.

To put it bluntly, older people tend not to fancy modern technologies. Instead, they prefer the old-fashioned way of going to their bank. Contrary to that, many statistics prove younger generations prefer mobile apps for their finances. About 50% of people aged between 18 and 24 use banking apps. The difference with the oldest surveyed group (65+) is about 40%, as pointed out only 11%.

Studies have shown that the age gap and everyone’s habits are primary factors. Groups around 55-64 have shown that 15% use banking apps once a week. Following them, about 30% of all people aged 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 have verified the use of such platforms weekly.

Ultimately, we can judge by these data that financial institutions’ apps draw in more young people. First, that would be because of the technology model, and second because it’s attractive to them. Here you can see the role of fonts in the banking and lending industries. The studies also showcase these two’s potential to attract the younger generation by making them invested in these apps.

Final Thoughts

No matter if it’s for designing a website or a financial institution app. Fonts play a pivotal role in providing a great user experience. That implies their importance in Fintech companies that keep improving and relying on them.

A major thing you’ll have to note is that Fonts not only provide a great experience but they create a sense of trust and security in clients. You can make a huge difference in how people perceive something with the right one.

By understanding the importance of typography in fintech design, businesses can deliver an optimal user experience that will keep customers coming back.


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