Gordita by Type Atelier

Gordita by Type Atelier

Gordita is a modern sans-serif with a geometric foundation, influenced by Futura and Gotham. It has OpenType features like alternate glyphs, fractions, case sensitive forms, small figures, arrows and symbols, as well as old style and tabular figures.

It’s a very polished typeface, with optically compensated forms, slightly tapered joints, and ink traps in heavier weights with the purpose of achieving maximum legibility.

The full Gordita family includes 14 styles (7 weights with matching italics slanted at 15°).

Please note that Gordita Light is free only for desktop use. For web use you must purchase a license.
Language support
Latin Extended, Cyrillic (in total 745 glyphs, support for 200+ languages)
Free for personal and commercial use    → Licenses explained

Gordita Light

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