How AI Helps Students Study Smarter

How AI Helps Students Study Smarter

In the last few years, AI tools have dramatically changed the way we work and study.

Everyone in the world now has access to free powerful AI assistants at their fingertips. This provides enormous benefits for students of all different ages, majors, cultures and learning styles.

AI chatbots can explain concepts, generate quizzes, proofread papers, summarize notes and much more. In fact, 35% of college students have already used generative AI tools for their schoolwork.

Private On-Demand Tutoring

Many colleges have a tutoring center where students can get assistance with classes and homework. This is a great resource that students should utilize to their advantage.

AI assistants can now replace tutoring for many students. The advantage is that best AI tools are available 24/7 and don’t even require students to be enrolled in college.

Another advantage is that AI chatbots know hundreds or even thousands of subjects, whereas tutors are limited in their expertise, like math or English.

This unlocks the potential for students to tutor themselves by asking smart questions to the AI chatbot.

Providing Smart Answers

If you’re stuck on a problem, AI tools can help you with finding solutions. If you need to write an essay, you can ask for ideas, suggestions, or provide examples.

You can also ask AI chatbots to review your homework or proofread writing. They can find logical errors, suggest language improvements and correct spelling.

AI chatbots still require prompts to function, so students must challenge themselves to write smarter prompts. By writing smarter prompts, students can leverage AI tools more effectively to improve their academic performance.

In a recent poll for institutional leaders and technology professionals, 67% of respondents were optimistic about generative AI in higher education.

 Better and Faster Access to Information

AI tools can also summarize complex ideas from books and research papers. These tools utilize advanced algorithms to sift through massive databases, delivering accurate and useful resources for almost any topic or project.

This speeds up the research process and enhances the quality of information students have at their disposal.

AI chatbots offer a clean and minimal interface where students can access the world’s information by simply asking questions. There are no colorful banners, ads for mobile games or shopping websites, or links to other pages and videos.

This chatbot interface offers a distraction-free environment where students can solve homework problems by asking questions and reading answers.

Managing Personal Life

High school and college are defining moments in people’s lives. Young adults get more responsibilities and need to make important decisions about their future.

College is also the first time many students are moving out of the house, so they will need to figure many things out for the first time.

AI chatbots can help with providing cooking recipes, how to organize your room, essential tools for house repairs, but also tips for obtaining your driver’s license, how to file your taxes, and how to register to vote.

You can even ask relationship questions or ask about emotions or stress you’re experiencing at school. You can even ask health questions – but if you’re feeling sick, it’s always best to check with a doctor.

If you’re sending private information through AI chatbots, you might want to consider using something like Surfshark VPN.

This will encrypt your data to prevent strangers from snooping, provide a more stable connection and hide your IP address, for example when you’re using the free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or library.

Smart AI Prompts for Students

The secret to unlocking the power of AI chatbots is to create smarter prompts.

Here are some suggestions that anyone can use to become a better student:

  • Suggest ideas to write a paper about climate change.
  • Provide tips and tricks for note-taking in classrooms.
  • Create 20 multiple-choice questions for my history class.
  • What is the best way to practice calculus problems?
  • How can I improve my memory and concentration?
  • How can I plan my homework and still have time for hobbies?
  • How can I format my paper according to APA guidelines?


AI tools are transforming education by offering personalized tutoring, problem-solving abilities, and quick access to information. These tools not only assist with academic performance but also help students manage personal challenges.

As AI evolves, it will continue to enhance learning experiences and enable students to achieve higher academic success.

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