Know How to Write the Name of a Movie in an Essay

Know How to Write the Name of a Movie in an Essay

Planning on referencing the name of a movie in an essay you are writing in AP, APA, Chicago, or MLA? You need a specific essay format for that. But, with principles and rules regarding writing a title in an essay, you are good to go. And where can you find that, if not here?

Some popular formats for writing a name of a movie in an essay include APA, MLA, Chicago, and AP. In addition, different formatting styles feature unique punctuation, spacing, italics, and other guidelines.

Citing a name of a movie in an essay helps prevent cases of plagiarism and crediting the source and is indispensable when writing your essay.

Hence, referencing the name of a movie in an essay can take other formats. For instance, quote a line from a title of a movie in an essay, similar to quoting from a researcher. Then, use quotation marks followed by an in-text citation. Here is a quick breakdown of writing any movie title in paper scripts:

Unique Techniques to Write the Name of a Movie in an Essay

The writing process for a name of a movie in an essay needs to follow a distinct pattern. It covers important details about the film for the readers. All the citation guides for the name of a movie in an essay demand pertinent data like:

  • Film title
  • Director’s credentials
  • Production firm’s credentials
  • Release year
  • Distributor’s credentials

Below is a look at the different formats you can use when writing the name of a movie in an essay:

APA Style

Looking to learn how to write movie names in an essay? This style is the most used in academic papers. Most professors opt for this method when presenting papers. For example, the APA style takes more particular formatting when writing a movie’s name in an essay.

Instead of beginning with the name of a movie in an essay, it begins with the director’s list. After that, proceed with the last name, then initials. Afterward, expound that the individual in question is the acting director in parenthesis.

Next, make it clear that it is a film because the TV shows feature a similar style. Finally, the last section is the last name of the production movie. A simple example of how to write the name of a film in an essay looks like this:

Horror. C. (Tom Hanks). (2022). Movie [The Awakening]. Big Mind Studios.

Chicago Style

There are two options when writing the name of a movie in an essay, including an author-date or a notes-bibliography.

There is a close similarity between APA citations and author-date format. This detail helps in defining the role of a person in the movie.

Afterward, it follows the yr of production and the movie’s release. Below is a simple example:

Horror. Hanks, director. 2022. Movie. Big Mind Studios.

If you watched a specific film online, you could add the specific streaming service while directing the URL to the movie.

MLA Style – How to Write Movie Names in an Essay

The MLA style is a common way to cite sources for the name of a movie in an essay, especially in art and human studies.

Therefore, what is the right way to write the title of a movie in an essay? Italicize using movie titles in essays first. We then acknowledge the movie’s director’s name and a few min characters.

Most punctuation marks in a film name citation using the MLA format feature a comma. This type of punctuation differs from other related MLA citations that use periods in our parenthesis. Below is a common example using an MLA citation:

The Awakening. Directed by Tom Hanks, performances by Edris Elba, Jessica Alba, and Jon Stewart, Big Minds Studios, 2022.

Rules of Writing a Name of a Movie in an Essay

Different rules come with writing the name of a movie in an essay. However, below are some general rules when citing the film name in an essay:

Remember to capitalize the first letter of each word in the movie title name. You can leave out the small words that are part of the title.

Remember to use italics on the movie title when citing. E.g., ‘The Awakening’ should be written as ‘The Awakening.’ Moreover, you can include a timestamp, such as (1:23-39), after writing the movie title name.

Always use the original title name in your essay for any foreign film.

Remember to include the movie credentials in your list to cover the studios, year of release, and main actors.

Add the link to the source or streaming location.

How to Title Case a Film Name – What You Should Know!

There are different rules when titling any word for a name of a movie in an essay. It can either act as a major or minor word. In addition, a large part of the essential parts of the words is written in the title case, while other small words remain in lowercase.

A major word can be a noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, or verb. It is a common technique always to capitalize subordinating conjunctions. For instance, you will capitalize the major words in the name of a movie in an essay like Gone in a Dust.

Why Proper Formatting Is Vital for Your Essays

Proper formatting is important for several reasons which relate closely to your essay’s overall outlook. These include:

Clarity – Proper formatting helps make your essay clear and easy to understand. It helps your audience digest your content quickly. It makes your essay more engaging, and the audience can contemplate the main idea.

Professionalism – A properly formatted movie name title can make your essay appear more professional. It shows your audience that you have put in the work and time to present your essay in an organized and clear manner.

Credibility – Failing to credit the name of a movie in an essay can amount to plagiarism. Therefore, show where the sources for your research come from. It is achievable by properly citing the sources.

Accessibility – Proper formatting makes your essay more accessible to people with different learning styles and abilities.

Conclusion – Point to Ponder

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