10 Best Script Lettering Fonts For Designers in 2022

10 Best Script Lettering Fonts For Designers in 2022

When designing a logo or any branding project, script font will add something special. Adding a playful touch to your project could help lighten the mood or give it a more classy look by imitating formal handwriting.

Why Using Script Lettering Fonts Can Help You Improve Your Designs?

Are you sick of bland, boring, overused, and uninspired typography? Designers are constantly seeking new strategies to grab the interest of their audience while also evoking feeling and creating a bond. Using a distinctive and captivating handwriting font that appeals to your target audience is one of the simplest methods to do this.

A wide range of marketing items benefit from the humorous, customized, and “human” quality that handwritten fonts bring. They are also eye-catching, which makes them a fantastic tool for improving brand awareness and the exposure of your marketing materials.

Selecting a handwriting font that not only looks nice but also complements your brand personality and generates the adequate reaction from your target market is essential for the effective implementation of this design decision.

For this article, we’ve selected some of the best fonts. We will also talk about what makes them special, interesting, or useful for branding. Whether you choose a handwritten font from the list from MasterBundles and other marketplaces or one of your own choice, we’re sure that deciding to apply this distinctive typographic style will help your business reach new heights.

What Exactly is Script Font?

An artistic and beautiful cursive and conventional hand lettering are captured in a script font’s design. Most use them similarly to a show font, making a point rather than communicating a specific message. They may also be decorative. For branding, logo design, stationery, and poster design, these fonts might be extremely well-liked alternatives. They encourage the creation of various moods when used in combination with a wide variety of other types of fonts.

When Should You Use Cursive Fonts?

We’ve previously discussed a few possible uses, but let’s go over when and how to employ script fonts. Of course, if you want to portray sophistication, a script font will come in handy. However, there are a few instances where its use is both required and welcomed:

  • Formal situations: A cursive font can be used if you wish to express elegance or sophistication. A good example is wedding invites. They can be used on certificates, awards, and other official documents, as well as journal headings.
  • Official marketing materials: Handwriting fonts may be suitable for business logos, site banners, and blog post titles, as mentioned above.
  • Premium brands: It is more effective for a firm or brand dealing in the luxury segment to employ typefaces that are as luxurious or sophisticated.
  • Titles and headers: Calligraphic fonts work best in brief bursts. They just aren’t readable if used for the body of text. It’s difficult on the eyes and also inaccessible, so keep them for headlines instead.
  • Use only one cursive font at a time: Trying to employ more than one is really too confusing. Remember that a cursive font is typically used for titles or to highlight a single text line. Mixing different scripts or logo design trends.

Top 10 Script Lettering Fonts For Your Next Project

There might be a surprising diversity of script fonts on the market, but we tried to focus on the greatest so you could concentrate on your job rather than searching for the next font you want to employ.

Benford Layered Vintage Industrial Font

Benford is a vintage font set that includes old script with layered style and numerous characteristics, as well as ideally balanced sans serif, serif, and antique drawings as a lovely topping.This font collection was inspired by vintage handwriting, vintage beer labels, ephemera, and antique packaging.

Hand Lettered Fonts – 16 Stunning Fonts – OTF, TTF, WOFF

These stunning 16 hand handwritten typefaces can be used for any type of design, including branding projects, logo creation, bridal designs, posts for social media ad campaigns, packaging, new products, label, photography, watermark, invitations, stationery, and other tasks requiring a penmanship aesthetic.

Hand Lettered Bundle: 9 Perfect Fonts

This group of clean, modern cursive fonts has an erratic foundation. Modern and feminine fashion. They look beautiful on a variety of items, including party invitations, postcards, birthday cards, logos, and business cards. They are  great for use with watercolors or inks. Including start and final letters, substitutes, and support for many languages.

Hayatte Script Handwritting Font

Simple and delicate, Hayatte is a handwritten cursive font. All English language letters are supported and there is correct punctuation provided. You may use it for postcards, logos, wedding invitations, and other creative products.

Juicy Jam – Color Bitmap Font

Check out this vibrant font set Juicy Jam. It is a beautifully created 3D font built around a flowy calligraphic script. The Juicy Jam typeface has a lovely pink tone and flowing look. First off, it’s an OpenType-SVG color bitmap font that may be used just like a regular OTF font. There is also a series of PNG files with seamless backgrounds that are in full quality.

Satturnus Fashionable And Incredibly Elegant Script Font

Satturnus is a stylish and highly classy script font. On wedding invitations, thank-you cards, phrases, greeting cards, brand logos, business cards, and any other project that demands a touch of elegance, it looks wonderful.

Enttergal Handwritten Script Font

A delicate script typeface with tiny letters is called Enttergal. This font will be a valuable addition to your fonts library regardless of the topic as it is PUA encoded, making it simple to access all of the characters and letterings.

Amstterdam Script Lettering Font

Characters in the Amstterdam cursive font dance along the foundation, making it a stylish and elegant calligraphy font. Any design project you wish to work on will gain a sense of luxury from it.  The fantastic symbols and ligatures in this typeface are all easily accessible because it is PUA encoded.

Dancing Script

Dancing Script is a wonderful script typeface with a relaxed feel that can be applied in a variety of areas. It’s a little more casual, but it may be useful for site headings and headlines graphics for business sites, blogs, magazines, and more.

Precious Font

Precious is a lovely font with plenty of flourishes and swirls, making it ideal for headlines and website banners. It is most distinctive in its upper case letters, which have a diversity of accents that make them stand out and resemble the handwriting of an illuminated manuscript.




In the end, script lettering fonts are excellent for logos since they provide a unique aesthetic appeal in today’s era of digital dominance and sans serif fonts. A cursive typeface such as the ones mentioned above is a fantastic approach to give your brand some charm and personality. Expression is king in script fonts.  Your goal is to set the ideal tone for your brand. Experiment with various looks and take inspiration from popular companies. Get even more swirly after that if you so choose.


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