4 Gift Ideas to Convey Love and Appreciation to Fathers in Vietnam

4 Gift Ideas to Convey Love and Appreciation to Fathers in Vietnam

Being away from home can be a challenge as a Vietnamese expat, especially when it comes to celebrating important events such as Father’s Day. It is one of the most celebrated and awaited events in Vietnam.

Just because you are not in Vietnam does not mean that you cannot show love and appreciation to your father back home. Several gift ideas can help you convey love, respect, and appreciation to your old man back home.

If you are not sure which gifts to consider, here are some of the best ideas to learn more about.

1. Gift an Ao Dai

Every Vietnamese expat knows about Ao Dai and the cultural significance it holds. Ao Dai does not only symbolise elegance and grace but can also help you show your father that you honour a mutual connection with Vietnamese heritage.

Take some time to choose the right fabric and design. You can also ask your mother or siblings to help you explore your options and choose the best one.

2. Contribute to Their Savings

Asian parents are known for their dedication to saving for their retirement or a rainy day. Every child understands their father’s passion for saving. One of the best gifts you can give your father is to contribute to their savings.

Contributing to their savings on a day as important as Father’s Day is not only an emotional but a practical gift as well. Even a seemingly insignificant amount can make a big difference in their overall financial well-being.

If you are considering sending money to your homeland this Father’s Day, make sure to use a reliable tool to see the US Dollar to Vietnamese Dong exchange rate and secure the best conversion rates. 

3. Share a Family Portrait

Photos are a gift that can be cherished forever. If you do not want to overwhelm your parents with an overly expensive gift, you can consider sending them a family portrait to let your father know how much they and your family mean to you.

Instead of going with the generic approach, you can commission an artist to help you create a personalised portrait that resonates with your father’s style and preferences.

A commissioned portrait can be a never-ending reminder of your love for your father and family. They can look at it every day and realise your love regardless of the distance.

4. Plan a Party

If you have been planning to visit Vietnam for some time, now is the right occasion to take a practical step. Show up at your father’s doorstep and give them a big hug. It can be the biggest surprise they may want for Father’s Day.

However, visiting may not be feasible for every Vietnamese expat. If you are also unable to plan a visit this month, you may want to consider planning a virtual celebration. A virtual celebration may not be as fun as meeting in person, but it is a great way of making the best of available options.

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