5 Reasons Why .IO Domain Name is a Great Branding Strategy

5 Reasons Why .IO Domain Name is a Great Branding Strategy

Web domain is important in today’s digital age. It’s as crucial as your sneakers, watch, smartphone, etc., because the items define your personality similarly to your domain name.

.IO is not new in the market. Tech and SaaS startups use it to establish themselves as tech companies. In the past, .TV domains were popular, and enterprises used them for television shows. Today, .IO domain signifies to anyone that you’re in tech. Hence an excellent branding tactic that costs less but has a huge impact.

This article highlights 5 reasons why businesses love .IO domain names.

.IO Domain Explained

Businesses use country-specific domains or Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) like .co.uk to target audiences in such countries or regions. Similarly, .IO domain extension is allocated to British Indian Ocean Territory.

Even though this domain is country-specific TLD, tech companies and startups use the IO domain name more frequently partly because it’s easy, short, and simple. Further, IO is an abbreviation for input and output, commonly used in computer science. So everyone that sees that URL can identify you as a technology company.

Top 5 Reasons to Use .IO Domain Name for Your Future Projects

1.      Easy, Short, and Simple

All characters in an email address are important. Most users access their emails on their mobile devices, but they have to type the address on their phones correctly for the first time. That’s why a domain like .IO is more popular because it’s shorter and simpler and has fewer chances of a typo.

2.      More Accessible

To date, over 350 million domains are active on the internet. Nearly half of them are .COM domains, thus minimal chances of getting one for your startup. But you can secure one after paying a high price. The good news is that you can get .IO domain is much easier. Further, its popularity is rapidly growing as more SaaS startups adopt it.

3.      Better Search Engine Recognition

Search engines like Google have been treating ccTLDs as territory specific, which has been hindering SEO efforts. However, these search engines treat .IO as a generic top-level domain (gTLD); thus, it’s treated the same as other global domains that are widely used.

4.      Shortens Your URLs

Many businesses opt for the .IO domains, even if they have TLD websites, because it creatively shortens their URLs. Marketers have also switched to this domain to show their creativity; customers love them because they’re easy to type and remember.

5.      Exposes You to a Community

As mentioned above, most tech entrepreneurs use the .IO domain. That enables these tech founders to form a community of businesses, especially startups. Thus .IO is perfect .COM alternative and startup founders are happy to use it.

In conclusion, .IO is an excellent domain option, particularly for tech startups. The list of benefits of using this domain is endless. But this article has highlighted 5 reasons why you should register yours. So act quickly before your perfect domain is gone.

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