8 advantages of a survey software

8 advantages of a survey software

Online surveys can be real marketing tools if they are used correctly. Like all strategies, before you start you need to know your customers well, be aware of their interests and predict what they expect to find, in order to meet their needs. The customer must therefore be at the center of business processes and, through survey software, it is possible to understand what their expectations are, giving space to their opinions. There are several methods for carrying out online surveys, but if the intention is to invest in this strategy and work professionally, click here to see how survey softwares for start-ups, small, medium and large companies work.

Based on the company’s objectives, a custom survey can be created. For example, thanks to survey software it is possible to understand what a customer’s degree of satisfaction is, whether a product or service can be successful. But also get to know how the experience was in terms of purchase, the relationship with customer care and assistance. The important thing is to be clear and transparent with the client before starting to ask questions for the survey. Having a database with customer information is essential, here users are added to the list the easier it will be to get useful answers to their business. Here are 8 benefits of online surveys.

1. Almost instant response time

While in traditional research methods you have to wait a long time to get answers, the online survey allows you to have information almost in real time. The information must not be transferred, it is collected automatically, without having to make the slightest effort. The response time of the users is almost instantaneous and thanks to the creation of custom lists the process can be speeded up even more. The questionnaire can be sent by e-mail and with a professional survey software you can monitor the sending rate and the number of completed surveys. Users who have not completed the survey can send a reminder email.

2. Low investment in economic terms

Creating online surveys is an easy and cheap operation, you save money on shipping costs and you will not need to fill in the database because it is managed automatically. The only cost is that of purchasing a professional survey software, which allows you to create engaging and graphically appealing surveys. The answers are processed automatically, without having to invest in other resources, and are accessible at any time, so it will be easier to do the data analysis.

3. Safer and more reliable answers

When you fill out an online questionnaire, you are not afraid to tell the truth, users answer honestly and therefore you get reliable and secure information, which can be useful for the growth of a company. Thanks to online surveys, the margin of error is reduced to a minimum, which is not the case for traditional surveys where the human component is at stake, so it is possible to enter the data incorrectly. By automating the processes, errors are eliminated and more precise answers are obtained.

4. Fast data analysis

Thanks to survey software it is easier to analyze the data, because the results are at your fingertips, ready to be used at any time. You can therefore act quickly and use the data whenever you want, sharing it with anyone in no time. This method eliminates processes and optimizes the steps with a quality control of the answers in real time.

5. High level of customization

There are many online surveys, to make a difference it is important to aim for personalization. A survey can be created for various reasons, for example for longitudinal studies, to evaluate election campaigns, to gather opinions on a certain product, to develop new products.

6. Details and precise information

A survey allows you to get really accurate information on market research, which does not happen with telephone interviews or written questionnaires. People feel more comfortable answering online, they feel they can be more honest and direct, in addition to the fact that the online mode is less demanding, for example you can complete the questionnaire while on a break at work or on a bus.

7. Target participants

Surveys that are too generalist do not give really useful information as with a targeted survey. Selecting only the participants who correspond to the target profile you are addressing allows you to obtain more precise and useful answers for your business. You can ask more targeted questions, creating customized user lists based on the answers you want to get.

8. Flexibility and versatility

A survey can be edited multiple times by adding or removing questions. The user can also decide to skip some questions and the questionnaire can be customized for each participant, as the answers are filled in. This allows for flexibility and versatility, both for those who create the survey and for users who answer the questions.


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