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8 Strategies for Delivering a Technical Presentation

8 Strategies for Delivering a Technical Presentation

Some presentations require a different approach for them to be successful. They need more structuring, better information, verified data sources, and perhaps a more interesting delivery. Such seminars need to be conducted in every workspace – be it entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, programmers, archaeologists, doctors, engineers, etc. Each one of them, at some point in their lives, needs to explain their thesis, research papers, or the basics of their work to experts and beginners.

While this may sound like a burdensome task to most of us, here are the top eight methods that you can use to deliver a flawless technical presentation.

1. Understand Your Audience

While knowing your audience is a basic task for every presentation, it is extremely crucial for a technical one. It is important to know who you are presenting to. You can collect this information during the registration process through forms, questionnaires, or polls.

These are a few questions that you must be able to answer after researching your audience, such as:

  • How much do they know about the subject?
  • Are they enrolling to learn or to question?
  • What is their age group? (This can help you evaluate the learning style.)
  • What do they expect from the presentation?
  • How does it affect their research and work?

2. Restrict Your Topics

While you research for your presentation, make sure to include only a couple of topics from the subject. Instead of cramping up your slides with excess information, it is always better to keep them clean and tidy with sufficient data.

This will also help you prioritize your content and deliver the necessary things instead of focusing on unwanted facts and figures.

3. Cater to the Ones Who Know Nothing

Once you know your audience’s knowledge level, jot down details about the ones who are the least knowledgeable. Analyze their level of technical know-how about the subject, and draft your content accordingly.

While it looks extremely fancy to serve the ones who know everything, taking care of the ones who don’t have as much expertise in the subject as others is crucial. It allows them to learn and will help them remember you for a long time.

4. Include Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Why would anybody attend your presentation when there is innumerable material available on the internet? What are the one thing that you have and the internet doesn’t?

Communicating these points to your viewers will help you raise their level of interest and will allow you to perform more confidently. Imbibing the USP and making the audience aware of it is extremely crucial in a world of cut-throat competition.

5. Know Your Subject Well

Dig deep into your topic when you deliver a technical presentation. Even though this is true for all other fields, when it comes to a more non-theoretic matter, you must know about every word on your slide.

An in-depth study of the subject will boost your confidence and help you explain your content in a better manner. It will help you go through all aspects of a theme- right from its problems, solutions, threats, opportunities, similar theories, etc.

Further, it allows you to be prepared for and tackle any unseen questions, as there may be people in the audience who are way more experienced than you.

6. Use Jargons

It is important to use jargon and buzzwords when you deliver a more technical presentation. Focus on including six-seven keywords throughout your seminar, and make sure you do not overuse them. Using technical words also increases your stature as a presenter and indicates your level of knowledge of the subject.

For instance, if you are delivering a presentation on share market patterns or trading, you must include keywords such as equity, bullish, bearish, stop-loss, etc. Make sure you know the meaning of all the words that you use.

7. Don’t Make it Boring

Using visual aids is not just for non-technical presentations. You can creatively include captivating PowerPoint slides in your high-tech presentations and make them stand apart. It will not only blow a wind of refreshment, but will also help you win your audience’s hearts.

For instance, if your deliver a presentation on Metaverse, you can use captivating visuals, including a live augmented reality platform where your audience can view themselves in the future and live through it for a few moments. This will help you create an environment for curiosity and will leave your audience spellbound.

 8. Use Anecdotes

While your sessions must include data and facts, they must never be boring. Make sure to include anecdotes, stories, examples, and analogies. These are one of the best ways to flawlessly explain your content as people relate to stories and resonate with their values. It also keeps the audience hooked on you during the presentation.

For example, if your topic is Blockchain Cryptocurrency, include examples of people who started their journey and became millionaires and also of people who lost their money in it. This can help your audience relate more to your content and participate actively throughout the session.


Winning a technical presentation has two judgment points – whether your audience was engaged throughout the presentation and if you were able to provide the information that they expected. Achieving these two goals is not difficult when you follow the above-mentioned principles.

We hope that this helps you in your future presentation endeavors. If you like the blog post, do share it on various social handles!


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