A Complete Guide to Office 365 Backup

A Complete Guide to Office 365 Backup

Organizations experience data loss due to several reasons such as human error, cyber-attacks, insider threats, and/or hackers. Microsoft Office 365 has built-in some policies and protections, but organizations must implement a solution to further safeguard and easily retrieve their Office 365 data. Wise businesses trust Azure Data Backup Solutions to guard them against losing necessary data. A third-party Office 365 backup and recovery solution helps mitigate damage and recover quickly from O365 data-loss events.

Office 365 Standard Data Protection Features

  1. High availability 99% SLA is built into the Office 365 platform and is the number one reason for data migrations from on-premises servers to the cloud.
  2. Retention
  • Exchange: 14 days, which can be stretched to 30 days, after deletion from the “Deleted Items.” If you have a subscription with Archiving and have executed that specific service, retention is permanent.
  • SharePoint and OneDrive for Business document versioning will be retained up to the last ten saved versions of a file by default.
  1. OneDrive for Business: If the document is deleted it will remain in the online recycle bin for 30 days, then be permanently removed. If you are syncing OneDrive for Business with a Windows 8.1 or 10 computer and a document is deleted from within Windows Explorer, the deleted company file will go to the local recycle bin the end-user has entire control of it.
  2. SharePoint: If a company vital file is deleted, it will remain in the online recycle bin for 90 days, then be permanently removed. Admin access is needed to restore from the SharePoint recycle bin.

Complete Backup Protection of Your Office 365 Data

Where Microsoft’s backup responsibilities end is where third-party Office 365 Backup service begins.

Third-party Office 365 Backup Solutions provide a complete backup and restore solution that is accessible, reliable, secure, and compliant. Third-party Office 365 Backup Services help your organization avoid significant business disruption by protecting your Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business data. Apps4Rent service can help with recovering data from accidental deletion, intentional deletion, or worst case, a full disaster recovery event. With Apps4Rent’s Office 365 Backup, you will have comfort knowing all your Office 365 data backup and recovery bases are covered.

Apps4Rent’s Office 365 Backup service offers:

  • Scalable, cloud-to-cloud data backup with unlimited storage
  • Control over retention from 1 year to forever
  • Backup protection of OneDrive, email, and SharePoint Team Sites
  • Backup happens multiple times a day
  • Nearline, secure vital data storage
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Improved Access to Shared Work
  • Advanced search capabilities to find the important data you need
  • Restore all data or pinpoint specific data
  • Efficiently Use Resources
  • Reduce Costs
  • Synchronized Data Across All Devices and Locations
  • HIPAA compliant


Apps4Rent is the topmost Microsoft Office 365 backup solution that provides your organization with full coverage, meaning that regardless of what might happen – whether external, accidental, or an inside job – your necessary data is always available and secure with industry-leading protection. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provides Windows 10 Cloud PC Service and supports their customers 24/7 which makes them superior partners to assign for the service.



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