Behavioral factor cheating: what is it and why do we need proxies

Behavioral factor cheating: what is it and why do we need proxies

The ZennoPoster project is a service where users create programs to automate workflows. Software for cheating the behavioral factor of a site is no exception, but when working with it, it is important to remain anonymous so as not to arouse suspicion among search engines. This will require high-quality proxies that will allow you to use hundreds of accounts to increase the trust of the site. You can buy proxy with a guarantee and 24/7 technical support at

You will learn about what a behavioral factor is, whether they can be punished for dishonest promotion, who should pay attention to this method, and how to “not sleep” – you will learn from this material. Go!

What is a behavioral factor?

The higher the activity of users within the resource, the higher the line in the search results will be taken by the link to your site. The concept of a behavioral factor includes all actions that occur within an Internet resource – the time spent, transitions between sections, reading materials, and much more. Based on these data, the position in the search results is determined. If most of the users close the site immediately after launch, without performing useful actions, the resource will lose its relevance and will gather dust on the last pages of search results.

In the case of Yandex, after the release of the site, the algorithms raise the resource to the top lines in order to determine its prospects. To maintain an advantageous position, you need to attract the attention of users by all means.

Will a site be banned for cheating a behavioral factor?

If we talk about the punishment, then if a behavioral factor cheat is detected, the Internet resource will either be completely banned or lowered so low in the search results that not a single user will get to the link to your site.

Cheat is determined by several parameters – detection of bots and robots, CTR indicators, that is, the ratio of the number of clicks and the number of impressions, and checking for connection with services for cheating a behavioral factor. IP addresses from which users visited the Internet resource are also checked. If actions are performed according to the same algorithm and users spend the same amount of time on the page, then this may raise suspicions about dishonest traffic mining.

The defense mechanisms of search engines thoroughly study the work of the site, evaluating the above criteria. Use a proxy server to reduce the chance of detecting suspicious activity.

How not to get caught cheating a behavioral factor

Consider 5 tips, thanks to which defense mechanisms will bypass your Internet resource

  • A one-time increase in traffic should not exceed 15%, each visit should be smooth, as real as possible.
  • Natural traffic is the main growth. This is necessary in order to give the statistics reality and dilute suspicious visits.
  • Before using the programs, create a reason for an increase in activity – these can be discounts, promotions, a sensational article, and more.
  • Using a proxy server. This is a prerequisite, without which any accuracy will go down the drain. Anonymous connection is an important aspect when cheating traffic.

Who should pay attention to the cheating of the behavioral factor

Maintaining the relevance of the Internet resource is a laborious process. Activity promotion programs are a temporary solution, because a high position in the TOP does not guarantee success. On the contrary, the degree of responsibility increases and the level of attention will be higher than to other sites.

If the Internet resource is not filled with interesting content, relevant products that are actively purchased by users, then the resource will not have any prospects. Therefore, first of all, it all depends on the capabilities of the site itself. In the right hands, behavioral boost is a useful tool that will help you maintain a leading position in search queries.

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