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Best Fonts for Mobile App Design

Best Fonts for Mobile App Design

It is believed that text plays the main role in written communication because it informs the reader and provides him with the necessary content. However, don’t underestimate the importance of typography. A good font makes it easier to read, while a bad font makes it difficult to read the text.

There is no single set of rules that are effective when choosing a font. That`s why professional UI/UX designers, who can be contacted by following the link, take into account a number of important factors before deciding on the choice of the necessary font. Nevertheless, there still are a few patterns that help improve the reading experience on mobile devices. Read more about this below.

What Is the Best Font Size for Mobile App Design?

When it comes to fonts, readability is essential. Users should be able to read words comfortably, and text size should be legible. Users should also be able to read text on their devices without straining their eyes. App designers who pay attention to this element allow people to have a better user experience.

The font size should not be too large or bold so that the text does not seem intrusive to the user. However, it should also not be so small. Otherwise, the text may become difficult or impossible to read comfortably. This means that when designing fonts for mobile applications, it is important to strike a balance when creating these elements. There are also generally accepted universal standards that are important to adhere to when choosing the optimal font size for a mobile application.

For example, in mobile applications for Android, the minimum font size is 12 pixels, and for iOS, it is 11 pixels. These application design standards ensure readability and are the most recommended font size for body text in mobile applications. It is also recommended to maintain a 90/10 ratio between the font size of the body text and the title.

Criteria for Choosing a Font for Mobile App Design

When choosing a font for mobile app design, it is important to take into account a number of criteria:

  • The font for a mobile app must be readable and consistent on all types of devices, regardless of size. It should be easy to read and comfortable even for those users who spend a lot of time in front of the screen;
  • Font weight. The font-weight of a certain text is important for creating a good user experience. Developers should provide convenient options for adjusting text according to the preferred font-weight;
  • The readability of the text is the level of clarity, ease, and convenience of reading. It is important to provide this at the highest level;
  • Custom setting. Since user experience varies, font size and text design in mobile applications should be easily customizable.

List of Best Fonts for Apps

In general, mobile app fonts are very diverse. However, there are 10 best fonts for apps that are most popular today:

  1. Inter. This is a bold sans serif font. It is great for heading or designing voluminous text fragments. Looks good on a contrasting background;
  2. Space Grotesque. This is a type of proportional sans-serif font based on the Space Mono fixed-width font family from the Colophon Foundry. Space Grotesque was designed in 2018 and to this day retains the main idiosyncratic details of monospace while being optimized for better readability;
  3. Work Sans. The font is presented in different formats and is suitable for both mobile application design and website design. Can be used in Photoshop and any other editors;
  4. DM Sans. It’s a great choice to add value to your project. Despite the traditional typography, the main elements are great. The font style varies depending on the letters chosen;
  5. Satoshi. This is one of the most popular sans-serif mobile fonts. It is widely used in mobile app design as it is great for logo, branding, quotes, etc.;
  6. Lexend. Originally designed for readers with dyslexia and other reading problems. It allows to reduce visual stress and improve reading skills;
  7. Montserrat. This minimalistic font is suitable for texts where you need to convey a warm and friendly atmosphere, but at the same time maintain a business tone;
  8. Geometria. This is one of the well-known best UI fonts. Proportional letters, a simple shape, and multiple font options create readable texts that look presentable and discreet;
  9. Clear Sans Regular. This font looks presentable and trendy at the same time. With its help, you can successfully arrange materials related to the world of music and Internet services, and it is also well suited for media;
  10. Open Sans. The list of best fonts for apps is incomplete without Open Sans. It occupies a leading position among web design fonts. It is universal and suitable for applications of any type.

Choose the best fonts and create great mobile app designs without any problems!


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