How Facebook QR Codes Work Well to Promote Facebook Page

How Facebook QR Codes Work Well to Promote Facebook Page

Facebook is a widely adopted social media platform. At the same time, QR Codes are popular and have found a space in digital media conversations. Indeed the QR Codes have gone viral not only on these platforms but also on late-night TV.

A business can use a Facebook QR Code to connect to its profile. It also summarizes your business into a mobile-friendly page. You can link your marketing materials to your Facebook page with a quick QR Code scan. Thus QR Codes offer an easy and less-costly way to promote your business on Facebook.

The article will tell you what you need to know about Facebook QR Codes and how to use them to connect your networks.

QR Codes Explained

QR stands for Quick Response Codes. They are 2D barcodes that use a dot matrix to store encoded information. That means that the image has full information about a certain brand. The target audience scans the image from their mobile devices. A Facebook QR Code connects directly to your profile on Facebook.

What Information Can a QR Codes Contain?

The following is some of the information your QR Code can contain.

Videos: YouTube or TikTok short videos are now popular. Brands leverage them to share information about their brands with many people. You can create and use them to link to your Facebook page, share the benefits of using your products and services, etc.

Contact Information: Brands use QR Codes to share company information like name, address, telephone, email address, location on Google Maps, social media networks, etc.

Promotions and Discounts: You can use QR Codes to direct potential customers to a discount coupon when navigating your website or profile on social media.

A Facebook QR Code can display a lot of information, such as:

  • Profile URL
  • The headline and short business description
  • Featured image
  • Button to like your page
  • Number of Facebook page likes
  • A link to your website and landing page
  • Customizable brand colors

Why You Should Use Facebook QR Codes

Get Followers for Your Facebook Profile

A Facebook QR Code can get you more fans. Users who scan your QR Code are directed to your Facebook site. These QR Codes automatically check the user has Facebook App on their devices. Next, it directly opens your Facebook Page in their App.

It also opens the page in the web browser of the user’s device if they have not installed the Facebook App. This makes their work easier because it takes fewer seconds to get your page.

Improve Facebook Reviews

Credibility is crucial to any business. Customers want to buy from businesses they trust. Thus the more customer reviews, the easier it’s to get new ones.

Since QR Codes are easier to use, you can encourage your customers to provide feedback and share it with others. This will greatly impact potential buyers because reviews influence their buying decisions. You can give every customer that reviews and rates your product or services an exciting giveaway. You can roll QR Codes for all social platforms to help connect your business with the target audience.

Track Your Marketing Campaigns

QR Codes have tracking metrics that can help track and improve your marketing campaigns. You can view real-time data based on the time scanned, device use, location in terms of city and country, etc. This information enables you to optimize and accurately calculate ROI for Facebook marketing campaigns that use QR Codes.

Which businesses can benefit from Facebook QR Codes?

Companies in various industries can use QR Codes to promote their brand, product, and services. These includes

  • Retailers use QR Codes creatively to increase Facebook followers by displaying them in their stores, product packaging, dressing room, clothing tags, etc.
  • Hotels and Resorts use QR Codes to increase Facebook followers and bookings. They add their Facebook QR Codes on table tents, product packaging, guest manual, or posters.
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