How Industry 4.0 Can Benefit from IoT?

How Industry 4.0 Can Benefit from IoT?

There’s no doubt about it. This is certain. This is real. Manufacturing processes are connected to the Internet, and that bond is getting stronger every year. Industry 4.0 is on, and it’s about time to see how business can benefit from it.

What is Industry 4.0 exactly?

Well, this is the next stage of the industrial revolution, sometimes called the fourth revolution. Its main distinction is the intense use of computer science, which provides cyber-physical integration that has an enormous impact on manufacturing of products and different types of services like customer care management, for example. In fact, it would not be an overstatement if we were to say that this involves every person on the planet because we all use and share the goods produced by modern technologies, digital things included. Even rural tribes of Africa are familiar with cellphones and apps they have to offer. So, Industrial 4.0 is global and very much dependent on digital solutions.

Automation and the Internet of Things

IoT, as an interconnected network of devices and software technologies, pushes that fourth revolution even deeper into the digital environment. Solutions designed by companies like Codete ( make it all go smooth. From one point of view, modern computer programs – that refers to mobile apps, too – provide project managers with tools to organize production workflows in their enterprises as well as human resources management, supply chains, accounting, procurement processes etc. The Business Intelligence has never been so fluent and productive as it is at his very moment. It really is like a clean and well-oiled engine.

On the other hand – artificial intelligence combined with collective Machine Learning provide progressing automation. As a result, human error factors are reduced and so are the costs of production. In a long run automated manufacturing is more efficient, predictable and quite user-friendly despite what Hollywood blockbusters might say about that. And the more sophisticated software gets, the more beneficial it will become for businesses that are opened for Industry 4.0. Those that decide to be less digital… well, they might fail to survive the competition.

Time for a conclusion. IoT and Industrial 4.0 era create a partnership that renders more productive business strategies. In practical terms, different devices supplied with software engineering and interconnected by their online capacity push good old capitalism on a whole new level. We, the consumers, benefit from it as much as business owners themselves.


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