How Long Does it Take to Learn Spanish?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Spanish?

For most people, learning a new language is tough. Along with higher attention and mental alertness, a learner has to spend hours studying and practicing a foreign language. 

Anyway, a new language like Spanish is absolutely worth learning.

A report from the British Council says – Spanish is the second most high-priority language to learn for English speakers. It is needless to say that Spanish will dominate a wide area of study, business, and entertainment in the future.

How long does it take to learn Spanish? – is a common question of beginners. It mostly depends on a learner’s efficiency. But, learning Spanish effectively usually takes around 24 weeks or 600 hours. 

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Here are the things that will be useful for learning Spanish shortly:

1. Relevance to your mother tongue: 

A language is much easier to learn if it is near to your mother tongue. For example, Spanish is very similar to Portuguese, French, and Italian because all these languages have come from the same root. So, if you already speak any of these languages, you can easily learn Spanish.  

Spanish is also easier to learn for English speakers because many of their basic sentence structures have a similarity. Besides, Spanish words are very easy to pronounce. 

2. Learning process and materials:

The duration of learning Spanish will also depend on how you are learning it and the materials you are using for learning. Though there are tons of methods to learn a new language, all of them may not be suitable for you.

For example, if you are not good at grammar, you should learn Spanish in the conversational method where you don’t need to follow grammatical structures.  

Moreover, your learning materials also affect the duration. For instance, books written in regular Spanish are very suitable for learners.

3. Quality Spanish course:

Joining a Spanish course is a practical way of learning this language. If you can learn Spanish under a native Spanish tutor, it is like a gem. AmazingTalker is an online learning platform that allows you to learn Spanish from your desired tutor. You can use it on iOS, Android, and websites.

Its Spanish course is designed for beginners to advanced learners to master Spanish. The platform offers flexibility in the class schedule and lesson selection. So, you can learn Spanish without giving up working hours.

4. Self-learning apps:

Some challenges while learning a new language are a lack of motivation and practice. Besides, most learners fall into trouble using appropriate phrases based on the actual situation.

Nowadays, many apps like Duolingo and Memrise are available to assist in self-learning and practicing. Most of these learning apps apply the immersive learning method. So, using one of them will let you speak Spanish like a native.

5. Watching Youtube videos:

If you want to learn Spanish through entertainment, Youtube is an excellent platform. Watching Spanish movies, documentaries, and programs on Youtube can be very effective for learning this language. Here, you will learn how native Spanish speakers usually talk which is helpful to learn practical conversation. Moreover, it will also improve your Spanish listening and pronunciation skills.  

What skills do you want to focus on?

Every language has four parts where a learner should focus and improve gradually. Here is how you can achieve those skills in Spanish

1. Reading:

You have to read articles, stories, and books regularly to improve your Spanish reading skill. It will take time for beginners. To keep your attention and motivation, you should start small and go big gradually.

2. Writing:

Reading will also assist you in writing accurate Spanish sentences. So, you can start writing a diary in Spanish using the basic grammar and vocabulary. There is no need to write hundreds of words per day. Remember that quality matters more than quantity while learning a new language.

3. Listening:

For improving your Spanish listening skill, you can listen to podcasts, and watch movies and TV shows. 

4. Speaking:

If you want to improve your Spanish speaking skill, start talking without the fear of failure. You can record your speech and hear it later to find your mistakes. Additionally, having a Spanish-speaking partner will be outstanding.  


Finally, you have come to know the best ways to learn Spanish without wasting precious time. All these steps are effective for learning any language practically. However, nothing is better than learning a new language under a native tutor so that you can learn it through conversation. 

On AmazingTalker, you will find incredible Spanish native tutors who will assist you in learning practical Spanish conversations without memorizing translations. 

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