How To Become A Grant Writer

How To Become A Grant Writer

Grant writers help companies and institutions write requests for grants. Grants are the money that non-governmental institutions and public foundations give to businesses and organizations for philanthropic reasons, developing new products, and research. They use their writing skills to assist groups in obtaining enough grants to carry out a given project.

As a grant writer, you have the freedom to work for more than one organization at a time. However, suppose you want to work as a grant writer but lack the necessary experience. In that case, you can start by taking up jobs for entry level grant writer or taking a grant writing course online.

Meanwhile, for this discussion, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to highlight the essential tips for becoming a grant writer.

Obtain a degree

Employers often require at least a bachelor’s degree before considering you for grant writing work. When applying for grant writing opportunities, a bachelor’s degree will keep you on top of the game and put you ahead of the competition. However, you do not need to be a specialist in English to work as a grant writer; any degree that contains persuasiveness or extended writing would suffice.

Improve your writing abilities

After earning your bachelor’s degree, the next thing is to develop your grant writing skills. You can enroll in a grant writing certificate program online. Your application will be noticed quickly and prioritized by recruiters if you have the necessary certificates.

In addition, there are various low-cost tools available online that will assist you in enhancing your skills as a grant writer. You will also get valuable guidance that will keep you relevant in your career. The American Grant Writers Association, for example, is a well-known online resource for grant writing classes and certificates. You can gain valuable skills and experiences that you can use right away from these professional development courses and certifications.

Gain experience

A standard grant writing position necessitates that you have at least two years of experience. Gaining expertise in this field requires a combination of internships and volunteering. Even many organizations prefer to hire a grant writer who has worked in the grant-writing industry.

For example, volunteering or interning in the tech field may be advantageous if you apply for a grant-writing position with a tech organization. Because you are very knowledgeable in the area, it will be easy for you to write meaningful grants. You could also try networking with other grant writers. So, if there’s a job opening that you’re not aware of, they’ll recommend you for it based on your qualifications. They may also be able to provide you with helpful advice that can improve your chances of landing a job.

Develop your resume

Make sure your resume is up to date before applying for grant writing employment. Your new CV should highlight the talents you’ve gained through internships or volunteer opportunities.

When applying for jobs, reading and understanding the job description and prerequisites is advisable. This will help you know how you can tailor your CV to the position’s criteria. You might also get a recommendation letter from a representative from one of the organizations you’ve once worked for during your volunteer work or internship.


You are sure of getting a rewarding career as a grant writer if you are really good at what you do. Also, you can have an indirect impact on the lives of others while still earning a living and advancing your career by writing grant proposals for great causes.

Nonetheless, before embarking on a grant writing project, be sure you understand the task ahead of you and how best to tackle it.

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