How to Choose your Internet Server Provider

How to Choose your Internet Server Provider

Internet server providers are vital for meeting your web hosting and cloud services needs. Without their service, your private project, agency, or business will be invincible to customers on the Internet. That’s why you require a reliable, trusted, and competent modern service provider like Artera to meet your hosting and computing needs.

Artera is a Swiss premium web hosting and cloud services provider. It customizes its solutions for the individual developer, company, or agency. This page reviews the Artera internet server provider solution for you and your brand.

Who is Artera?

Artera is a Swiss internet server provider launched in 2002. The firm offers prime quality secured cloud hosting services for individuals, agencies, and companies. The company provides total privacy protection, security, and the highest performance and support that anticipates and surpasses your expectations.

With 20 years of the firm and specialized staff experience in the industry, Artera continues to grow. The organization delivers leading services using high-grade technology. Due to its unique abilities, it obtained key international certifications.

Presently, Artera partners with numerous web businesses and is now part of the DHH SpA group; a company listed on the Milan stock exchange. DHH comprises leading web hosting industry giants serving the Euro-Mediterranean.

Consider the benefits you have to gain with the Internet Server Provider

Artera expert technicians guarantee a customized service and quality that puts you ahead of your competitors. Here are facts about how this internet server provider works with you and what you stand to gain.

  • Customized Support

Artera offers 20 years of experience with its expert staff and teams to create the best solutions for your projects.

  • Partnership Possibility

Whether you need white-label support or direct support, Artera partners with you. That flexibility enables you to make the right employment choice for each project.

  • An ideal and convenient technology

The Artera technology is of the highest grade yet, easy to use.

  • A green provider

Artera provides cloud hosting services using eco-friendly energy power facilities for all its data centers.

  • Matchless privacy and security

Artera supplies physical and digital security for your data safety in secure Severs in Switzerland, accessible to only you. You feel confident knowing where your Data is. And it’s compliant with GDPR.

  • Alternative to mass-hosting

Their dedicated peak web hosting services are distinct from the usual mass-hosting offers. And it’s easy to install, configure and maintain without technical assistance.

  • Priceless Quality

You receive advanced web hosting with the most suitable equipment grade created by programmers and support from skilled technicians.

Services You Get At Artera

Artera collaborates with you to provide premium services that match your specific requirements. Register a domain or subscribe to a cloud hosting service, and rest assured of choosing the highest quality options for your projects.

A few of their services include;

  • Cloud hosting managed Swiss premium that ensures high-grade safety and performance.
  • Cloud server managed Swiss premium offer that’s instantly scalable with flexible systems support.
  • Domain registration with more than 200 extensions and DNS administration keep the site available online.
  • SSL certificates that tell your site’s visitors their connection is safe.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and free migration and optimization
  • A 24/7 online customer support by email or telephone.

The Artera cloud Hosting and web hosting solutions are compatible with WordPress, Woo Commerce, and more. A few official partners include Shopware, Nextcloud, and Onlyoffice.


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