How to create a TikTok video?

How to create a TikTok video?

TikTok has become the main video platform for many: people spend more time on it than on YouTube and have a lot of fun there. But it’s not just unique content that keeps them on TikTok. There, some have finally become bloggers.

If you are interested in buying an account then you may look for TikTok accounts for sale on UseViral. Otherwise, you may try to figure out the main reason why they succeeded might have been the mechanics of shooting. The format of these specific videos is not as demanding in terms of skills as the format of other video platforms. Let’s talk about this now – how to shoot and edit excellent tik tok videos.

What kind of videos can one generally find on TikTok?

1. Vertical

2. Up to 1 minute

This is the main thing you have to remember. There is no other format on TikTok – no posts, no stories – only video materials.

One can shoot a video of any duration: for example, 7.5 seconds or 49 seconds. Still, oftenly, you will see two formats: 15 seconds and 60 seconds.

  • 15 seconds – vines, dancing and entertainment content, most often accompanied by music.
  • 60 seconds – expert content, most often conversational.

TikTok itself recommends these two options and therefore has provided this in its interface.

How to choose a format?

Everything is individual. Still, apps like Tik Tok have a few patterns.

When one gravitates toward expert and educational clips, they should opt for the sixty second format. Shorter clips would simply not offer enough time to express expert thoughts.

When one plans to shoot entertainment clips – dances, vines, pranks, fifteen seconds is a better option. Entertaining clips must be fast and dynamic, otherwise users might not watch it.

How to shoot clips correctly?

You have two options: shooting and editing in Tiktok or in third-party apps. Both options have + and -.

Using TikTok


  • Fast and convenient
  • No special skills needed
  • Unique effects often used in top videos


  • Drafts are only saved in the app in the smartphone’s memory, they cannot be sent to another person or opened in another smartphone
  • Limited clip editing and design options

What about third-party apps?

The Internet is full of editing apps. Download different ones and stop at the most convenient option for you. A popular editing app is InShot.

Regardless of the specific editing app, its pros and cons in relation to making clips on TikTok is the same:


  • There is access to the source clips
  • You have a rich arsenal of features to add to the clip
  • Any draft can be sent to another person or open it in another smartphone


  • It takes time to learn all the features
  • Good apps are usually not for free
  • Unique TikTok effects are not available

We advise you to shoot in third-party apps if you plan a long video up to 60 seconds with a lot of takes, and also if you shoot for a client.

We also believe it is important to answer this question: does the popularity of a video depend on where it was filmed and edited – on TikTok or in another application. The answer is no. No matter where you edit the video, it will become popular only if it is interesting to your audience.

Shooting and editing videos in the TikTok app

What to do while shooting? Shoot fragments.

One important thing to remember is that, on TikTok, you can shoot video segments and add elements, such as text, that will pop up at the right time. This is what makes TikTok content different from Instagram content, which is always shot in one take.

As part of Instagram Stories, you shoot one segment, on the front or main camera. In TikTok, you put several segments together into a mini-movie. When filming takes, you can change the angle, the location and so on, enriching your video.

On average, the take should be at least 2-3 seconds, so that the audience has time to understand what is happening. For this reason, in 15-second clips, it is recommended to do from 1 to 6 takes.

What to do in those takes?

Filming requires a small script or plan. Come up with, for example, 4 takes and write down what will happen in each. To film one take, you simply need to press your finger on the round recording icon. A blue bar will appear on top, counting the duration of the take.

After you shoot the first take, you could pause and go to another location, shoot a second take, and so on.

For example, in the first take you’re standing in your backyard, in the second take you’re sitting on a stylish sofa from brayden studio, the third take shows only your face, etc.

Finally, click the red check mark and take a look at the whole clip – Tik Tok merges the takes into a single video on its own. After that, there’s the option of adding music – choose a track that suits the mood of your clip.

There is the possibility to place some text that pops up when you need it to. A simple life hack: 1 take – 1 explanatory inscription. Click on the “Aa” and add the inscription you want to. As with Instagram Stories, you have the option to play with the size, color, and position of the caption in the clip . After all the captions are there, click on Next and type the accompanying info for the clip (maximum 100 characters).

Preparing for publication

Now click Publish or Drafts to save the video as a draft and publish later.

Editing in a separate app will take longer, because the individual fragments of the video will be separate pieces that you have to connect in a third-party app.

Shooting and editing in third-party app

The difference between editing in a third-party app is that you’re shooting on a smartphone and end up with several files. After filming, the fragments need to be combined into a single video.

Open them in InShot. There, you have the option to add not only pop-up captions, but also pop-up pictures, which TikTok does not allow.

Now it remains only to try and film a video.

What to do next

Shooting and publishing a video is only the first step. You have exciting things ahead of you: first viewers, analysis of video statistics, search for your own style and developing your skills. But this is a topic for another article.

All this will happen later, after you take the first and important step – shoot and publish a video.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to do that. If you want to learn more about various Tik Tok lifehacks, check this article on How to Download TikTok Videos ← here.


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