How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

New homeowners are excited when they finish building or buying their dream house. They want to wake up every morning in that well-furnished home and enjoy meals with their loved ones. But moving their lifetime of living from the old home to the new one is not fun. You need help transporting your belongings.

Thankfully there are reputable moving companies that you can hire. offer customer-centered moving services in Boston and surrounding areas. Its team of movers is neat and professional, while its equipment is modern. If you live in Boston, this is the moving company to use.

However, if you live farther away from Boston, you can find a reputable moving company. Most complaints about moving companies arise due to lost or damaged property. Other customers complain when the team charge for unworked hours, not honoring estimates, or arriving late.

Choosing the right moving company can help you avoid surprise bills or broken stuff. Here are the top 5 things you should take into account when picking the best mover.

1.      Estimates

Moving companies base their rates on the number of hours and movers. But this is just a base rate that doesn’t include the cost of moving large, heavy objects, packing materials, and other fees. That means the estimate they give on the phone differs from the amount you will pay at the end of the journey.

Reputable moving companies have transparent rates. They tell their customers what extra fee they‘re likely to pay at the end of the process. Rogue movers hide such information to lure you into hiring them and then give you a surprise bill in the end.

2.      Reviews and Recommendations

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People change houses because they have a new job in another state, transferred to another city, finished building their dream home, or even bought a new one. Identifying an excellent moving company is hard, especially when you need to relocate immediately. Even so, you can find a reputable mover when you read reviews.

Generally, people leave reviews when they have an excellent or poor experience. Reading the comments of past customers can help you decide if that is the experience you would want when transporting your belongings.

Additionally, you can ask your friends and loved ones to recommend a moving company they have used before. Additionally, you can ask your friends and loved ones to recommend a moving company like Piece of Cake Moving & Storage or the ones they have used before.

You may realize they had a better experience with a relatively new company or a bad one with a highly rated company. These details might not be available online, especially if the new one doesn’t have a strong web presence or no one bothered to report their poor experience with the big company.

3.      Years of Experience

There are indeed new moving companies that began operation recently, has sophisticated equipment and professional team of movers. But you can only know about those facts once they serve several customers and the satisfied ones leave positive reviews online.

It’s important to work with moving companies with a successful track record. You want to receive your belongings on the other side intact, on time, and pay a fair rate. So pick a moving company that has proven its competency over time unless the new one has incredibly glowing recommendations.

4.      License and Insurance

A good moving company should be licensed and insured. That means not every person with a truck is a mover. Businesses not officially licensed and insured as movers are not legally bound to protect your belongings.

You can isolate professional movers from rogue ones by searching the US Department of Transportation. Further, you can research intrastate licensing laws and confirm whether your preferred moving company adheres to them.

5.      Suitability

Each moving company charges differently based on the number of bedrooms, hours, and movers needed to pack and move your belongings. Some companies have bigger moving trucks to support long-distance moving, while others specialize in local moving.

Therefore, choose a moving company based on your individual needs. The right fit should accommodate all your furniture and boxes, provide extra packing supplies, or its team of movers is available when it’s convenient for you.


The moving industry is growing; thus, there is fierce competition. Although you might have plenty of options, you must do thorough research to avoid working with a rogue one.

The 5 things mentioned above can help you identify a moving company offering high-quality service, is reliable, and charges reasonably. The goal is to avoid delays and receive your belongings in the right condition.

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