How to Use Instagram Downloader — the Easiest Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use Instagram Downloader — the Easiest Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram is a limitless treasury of visual content. No wonder, people occasionally want to save photos and videos from the app to their devices, be it for professional usage, self-education, competitor analysis, or just fun. Whatever your purpose is, you will certainly appreciate having a simple and quick downloading option at your fingertips. Ready to discover how Instagram video and photo downloaders work? Let us take you through an online Instagram downloader by Inflact.

How does Instagram Downloader Work?

This smart tool by Inflact is a universal downloader that can save any IG content almost instantly. It’s a simple way to download photos, videos, and stories directly to your device in the original quality. You can use the service without registration and charges and save content from any browser and OS. Now you know: when we say ‘universal’, we mean it.

How do you download videos from Instagram using this tool? The same way you do it with any other types of Instagram content — this is a one-for-all web-based service. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to download images and other visuals from Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram Downloader page on the Inflact website
  • Copy the link to the photo, reels, video, display picture, or a story you want to save

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  • Paste the link into the input line

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  • Click Download
  • After the chosen content appears on the page, click Download once again

The content will be saved in Downloads on your PC or smartphone. The folder will be the same for Chrome, Opera or any other web browser, so the question of where the tool downloads the pics or videos is irrelevant. If you use the Instagram Downloader on your phone, you don’t need to bother with finding ways to move videos or other content from Instagram Downloader to the Gallery as they will appear there automatically.

If you prefer saving an account’s content in bulk rather than copying and pasting every link individually, you should go for Inflact’s Premium plan. As a premium user, you’ll be able to download Instagram profiles with all media files in one pack.

Reasons to Use the Instagram Downloader

  • Analyzing competitors’ posts when developing your own marketing strategy
  • Collecting all the content from an event such as conference, workshop, celebration, etc.
  • Saving content for inspiration or entertainment
  • Putting together your personal library of useful educational videos and tutorials
  • Being able to view stories even after they disappear from your feed

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What You Should Know about Downloading from Instagram

An important consideration to keep in mind after you’ve saved someone’s content is that copyright can apply to images, music, videos and that you cannot post them as your own. Meanwhile, downloading other people’s photos and videos for personal use is totally OK.

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Note, that Inflact’s IG downloader only can be used for saving content from public Instagram accounts. Downloading content from private accounts is impossible.


Now that social media rule the world, users should be aware of relevant handy features and services. Whenever you need to download content from an Instagram account, you can use a free and efficient tool designed by Inflact. It’s very simple, and all you need for successful downloading is a device connected to the internet.


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