Lightboxes: advantages, types and spheres of application

Lightboxes: advantages, types and spheres of application

Lightbox is an effective advertising tool. These structures with bright LED lighting not only attract and hold the attention of the target audience, but also provide easy perception of information. Let’s talk more about the advantages of lightboxes, their types and areas of application.

Advantages and features of luminous outdoor advertising

Despite the need for external power supply such advertising has undeniable advantages over other formats. According to the opinion of experts to the advantages of lightboxes include:

  • low production cost. The effectiveness of lightboxes provides a quick payback;
  • the possibility of using several images. Material replacement is very simple and does not cause difficulties;
  • customisable design. Thin and ultra-thin lightboxes allow for quick updates;
  • good visibility. Light boxes are visible in the dark and at a great distance;
  • economical LED lighting. It is characterised by durability and is designed for tens of thousands of hours;
  • Thanks to the variety of shapes, sizes and design options, specialists manage to create a unique advertising product that will distinguish the company from its competitors.

Types of light boxes

Light boxes can be static or rotating, drawing attention from different angles. They also differ by:

  • the number of advertising planes. You can order a one-sided and two-sided design;
  • method of attachment and can be wall-mounted, suspended, mounted on bollards, poles and on the floor;
  • shape – rectangular traditional designs and shaped boxes;
  • thickness of the enclosure.


Areas of application of lightboxes

Spectacular luminous structures have become a popular advertising tool in various fields. For example, they are used in catering establishments, trade, cinemas. Lightboxes are effective in the visual design of establishments – they attract customers and increase brand recognition.

They are also often used for decoration of entertainment and congress centres. Illuminated billboards allow visitors to get acquainted with the company and convey important information.

Light boxes are widely used in the design of exhibition stands and various events. They emphasise the uniqueness and importance of the presented products and services.

Lightboxes in business centres and shopping malls help to navigate the space and introduce products and promotions of shops, services of companies, etc.

In addition, this format is used by the hotel sector, medical institutions.

Lightboxes are not just advertising, they are a powerful tool that can adapt to the needs of different industries and create bright and memorable visual images necessary for business development.

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