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Live Chat For Websites

Live Chat For Websites is a user-friendly online chat for the websites that lets both small teams and huge corporations communicate via any devices, send files and arrange conferences. The platform simplifies everything thanks to modern graphics and many extra features.


It’s a cross-platform chat option on the website. Installation is simple for companies using a particular CMS. All founders who own websites on Shopify, WiX, WordPress, and Tilda just have to paste an HTML code to their platforms.

Another way to add chat on a website is to use Google Tag Manager, which is also easy thanks to a step-by-step guide.

How To Start Using

After installing this web chat for the website, everyone can customize the program in the settings. It’s possible to:

  • Manage a chat window. Users may pick window colors, personalize the chat for the sake of branding.
  • Make greetings. Such a feature allows companies to automate receiving their clients’ contact information, including phone numbers and emails. Thanks to greetings, communication with customers eases.
  • Personalize interactions. This program lets administrators add agents’ photos, making users feel like they are chatting with a particular person.
  • Add several languages. Companies can communicate with users, regardless of the language they speak.

How To Improve Interactions With Customers

This chat for websites doesn’t only allow corporations access customization features but also provides access to tools, making communications more productive. The primary functions are:

  • Offline communication. Even if a particular client has closed his browser, a company may keep interacting with it via WhatsApp or email.
  • Callback. All clients can ask questions via phone after ordering a callback. This feature eases phone number collection.
  • Document attachment. Team members may send files to their clients in any format. These are not only texts but also visuals, like photos or screenshots.

Where To Use is a cross-device chat for websites, meaning all team members may access their contacts, regardless of the device they use.

The easiest option is to download the messenger to a computer. A chat widget for websites can be added to macOS and Windows. Both versions have the same interfaces and provide access to the same opportunities.

However, is also available for smartphones. Those who have Android and iOS devices may use the chat on the go. It also lets users send and answer messages, edit profile settings, and join conferences.

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