Magento 2 CMS Extension and Plugin – Mirasvit

Magento 2 CMS Extension and Plugin – Mirasvit

Extensions extends the capabilities of the CMS, offering a large set of functions for content management. Magento CMS plugins provide the ability to create more dynamic and interactive web pages, improving the site’s overall performance.

Magento cms extensions by Mirasvit can include features such as advanced page builders that allow users to create complex layouts without coding or dynamic blocks to display personalized content based on customer behavior. Extensions by Mirasvit provide SEO tools integrated into the CMS to optimize content directly from the editing interface, improving search rankings. Advanced data import/export tools can make managing content across multiple stores easier. The most accurate information can be found on the website Follow the link to view the products.

This article will consider the latest Magento 2 CMS extensions from Mirasvit. We bring the following extensions with high ratings to your attention: Facebook Pixel & Conversion API M2, Advanced Reviews M2, and Backend Search M2.

Facebook Pixel & Conversion API M2

Facebook Pixel & Conversion API for Magento 2 integrates your store with Facebook to track conversions and optimize ads.

Main features:

  • Collection of user data via Facebook Pixel.
  • Compatible with Adblock for continuous statistics collection.
  • Collection of server-level statistics via the Conversion API.


  • Maximizes the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Uses deep profiling for effective retargeting.
  • Provides detailed information about customer actions.
  • Helps create accurate ads for the target audience.
  • Ensures accurate data collection, even when using Adblock.
  • Provides information on ad optimization at each stage of the sales funnel.


  • Advanced understanding of visitor behavior.
  • Tracking conversions in real time.
  • Creation of custom audience segments.
  • Dynamic ads displaying products based on user interests.
  • Recording client actions at the server level through event tracking.
  • Simplified integration with automatic addition of Pixel code to all store pages.

Advanced Reviews для Magento 2

Advanced Reviews improves the product review system by allowing users to provide more detailed reviews, upload photos and videos, and conveniently manage reviews for store owners.

Main features:

  • Structured reviews with pros and cons.
  • Increased authority of reviews from real customers.
  • Quick navigation of reviews using filters.
  • AI-based summary to save user’s time.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Building customer trust through authentic testimonials and encouraging conversions.
  • Improve SEO and increase website traffic with fresh content.
  • Increased customer engagement and increased sales due to positive feedback.
  • Ability to create target audience segments and dynamic advertising.
  • Facebook Conversions API support for reliable analytics.
  • Simplifying the process of leaving reviews and combating spam.

Future Features:

  • Spam check based on artificial intelligence.
  • Timestamp of the reviewer’s experience.
  • Product recommendations from reviewers.
  • Embedding videos in reviews.
  • Email notifications and reminders.
  • Customized review forms and unsubscribe options.

Backend Search

Backend Search improves search in the Magento admin panel, allowing store managers to find products, orders, and customer data faster.

Main features:

  • Instant search results, reducing search time.
  • Seamless workflow without the need to jump to different sections.
  • Quick access to any Magento section with a single search.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Simple navigation and ease of search and navigation tasks.
  • Search over 30 data types, including orders, customers, and products.
  • Workflow optimization and timesaving thanks to fast search.
  • Using Elasticsearch to speed up searches compared to MYSQL.
  • Showing related information in the search box for efficient navigation.
  • Guaranteed workflow continuity through shortcuts for quick search access.
  • Ready to use from the moment of installation without additional user effort.


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