Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Case Review

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Case Review

Remember when you had a heart-stopping moment when your iPhone slipped from your hand, and you struggled to catch it mid-air but failed?  To many, that one fall had a huge impact and ended in premium tears.  Today, most smartphones are made of glass and have curved displays, making them elegant but more slippery.

Apple has gone to great lengths to deliver the perfectly designed iPhone 14 Pro to the market.  However, it’s likely to get damaged in the event it falls.

Do you now see why your iPhone 14 pro needs a phone case?  Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro is a transparent and anti-yellow cover that offers great solid protection for iPhone Pro, released in 2022.  Founded in 2015, Mkeke has served iPhone fans for the last 7 years.

Here is additional information about Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro case.


  • It’s a crystal clear case that shows off your iPhone 14 Pro’s brilliantly colored finish.
  • It has raised edges around the screen and camera to keep it free from scratches or getting smashed when it the ground.
  • There are built-in airbags-like finishes on each of its 4 corners, making them shockproof with Military Grade Dropprotection. The extra bumper raises to 3.1 mm and is scratch resistant on the outer side.  This protects your phone from any pressure in the event it slips from your hand.


  • The 14 Pro clear case has undergone several hours of testing during its design and manufacturing process. The bumper offers extra protection when you inevitably drop your iPhone, but it doesn’t make it bulky when you hold it.  Its ergonomically shaped design provides a comfortable and easy grip.


  • The case is made of transparent polycarbonate and a blend of TPU and Acrylic. Its slim form makes it easy to slide in and out of your pocket.  The high-definition polycarbonate material is intended to optimize your case and prevent it from yellowing over time.


  • The case is available in clear, gradient black clear, gradient purple blue, gradient purple green, gradient purple red, and gradient red green.

Functional Features

  • Its crystal clear appearance showcases your iPhone 14 Pro’s fine finishes.
  • The extra bumper offers heavy-duty protection, shockproof, and drop resistance.
  • Its light weight makes it comfortable in the hand when calling, texting, taking selfies, etc.
  • It has pronounced buttons which makes it easy to feel and press. All its features, switches, and functions are perfect.
  • You can easily install and remove your phone from the case in just a few seconds.
  • The case has no magnetic components. Because it has an accurate charging port, you can charge your phone with a MagSafe charger.
  • It offers 2 years warranty. It doesn’t include a screen protector.

Compatible Devices

  • The case fits iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Quality Assurance

  • The case for iPhone 14 Pro is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-yellow, and wireless charging compatible.
  • The product is labelled Amazon’s Choice

Environment Friendliness

  • It’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain any pollution plastic. Therefore it’s officially qualified as Climate Pledge friendly on Amazon.


  • Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro case clear goes for $16.99.  Click here to get your iPhone 14  a Mkeke clear case with military grade protection and no yellowing.


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