Residential Interior Design Trends: 5 Must-Have Looks for a Modern Home

Residential Interior Design Trends: 5 Must-Have Looks for a Modern Home

The phrase residential interior design is very popular. Who so? Homeowners speak their aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle through interior design. At the same time, experienced and knowledgeable interior designers are ready to help you create that dream home.

As a result, there are many trends in the market. Though they come and go, they indicate a steady shift from an existing way of living to a new one.

Therefore whether you’re renovating, designing your home, or even buying a new one, it’s important to consider the big interior design trends. Because you want these trends to only partially dictate your decisions, you can consider them. Indeed a well-designed home not only looks sophisticated and modern but also tells your story like the apartments at ritchey reserve fishers in.

Here are the 5 hottest residential interior design trends for a modern home that are here to stay.

1.      Focus on Wellness

Homeowners want to focus on wellness in 2023 and the future. Thus the rise of the elements that transform the space and help promote well-being and self-care. One example is spicing up your home spa with a pair of under-counter refrigerators. This is an excellent place to chill your towels and store beauty products.

Another element is the layout of your room. The new trend involves rethinking your room plan in order to create a positive atmosphere. You can imitate the trend by introducing a slightly bigger distance between zones. The aim is to improve traffic flow. Another preference is the green practices that bring plants indoors.

Indeed there are many elements that you can add to your home to improve serenity and convenience in your living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

2.      Outdoors Influence Indoor

Outdoor indoor influence

The location of your property has a big influence on the interior. So do you live in arid or mountainous regions? Your outdoors can impact the indoors in multiple ways.

Think about the local products in your area. The common material affects the décor, furniture, and, ultimately, the interior. So use wood, wool, or sheepskin if your place is snowy or fabrics and stone if they’re in plenty supplier in your environment.

This will help you follow ‘the outside in’ trend when designing a stylish modern home. Better still, you will be able to honor your natural environment.

3.      Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that has been around and is not going away any time soon. In fact, the trend may evolve to an updated minimalist style, the Japandi style. The interior design style uses a warm, smooth, inviting, natural texture. This gives your home a little more personality away from the traditional minimalist or Scandinavian style.

4.      Meaningful Objects

While the color of your walls and floor are important, the objects that you use to fill your home with can ease the anxieties much more. You can create your own trend using the things such as:

  • Things that you’re zealous for, i.e., antique maps
  • Well-loved vintage furniture sourced around the world
  • Family heirlooms like your grandfather’s favorite collections, i.e., fly fishing lures, etc.

5.      Sleek Appliances

People use Kitchen cabinetry and island as statement pieces in their homes. New homeowners want to create a bold look as well as use their appliances to compliment the entire design of their kitchen. For instance, the demand for induction cooktops and ranges has increased. The reason for this love is that they provide efficiency, safety, and a sleek look. Indeed these features offer powerful performance.


There are many residential interior design predictions for the future. Interior designers want you to emphasize your wellness and introduce meaningful collections in your space in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and much more. Indeed the eco-friendlier lifestyle will continue to dominate in 2023 and beyond.

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