RetouchMe Pro: the best assistant for a professional photographer

RetouchMe Pro: the best assistant for a professional photographer

It may seem that a photographer’s work is all about creativity, creativity, and searching for successful shots. This is not quite true: after every photo shoot, there is a time of routine work: selecting shots, sorting materials, and retouching them. The processing stage is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive, as it requires careful attention to detail. To free up resources for new photo shoots, as well as training, development, and communication with clients, many photographers choose RetouchMe Pro. This service, which is available at, is essentially outsourcing monotonous work.

What benefits does RetouchMe Pro offer to photographers

RetouchMe Pro is very easy to use: all you need is a web connection to upload selected photos to the site and specify what needs to be corrected. The web application works 24/7, and its functionality is very user-friendly. And this is not all the pluses of the service for professional photographers.

A variety of options

The service offers a wide range of tools: from brightness and contrast adjustment to deep retouching of complex textures, shape correction, and light pattern correction. With RetouchMe Pro you can edit people’s appearance, correct mistakes in architectural and interior photography, and bring subject pictures to perfection. That’s why a photographer of any genre will find the necessary post-processing options.

High quality

Unlike many modern applications and web editors, RetouchMe Pro does not use artificial intelligence in its work. Any retouching through this service is the careful work of professional retouchers. The use of filters and presets is completely under their control. More subtle processing (frequency decomposition, changing the background, changing the human figure) is done only manually. Even at the ordering stage, the user can specify all his wishes for further correction.

Excellent speed of work

Because the service operates around the clock and a large number of processing specialists work on it, even the largest order will be ready in a maximum of 24 hours. This period covers the retouching of a large number of images from an entire photo shoot. If you need to correct 1-2 frames, you will get the result much faster. Your clients can expect to receive their photos as quickly as possible.

Affordable budget

The cost of processing one photo starts from 50 cents and depends on the complexity of the necessary intervention. For photographers who cooperate with the service regularly, there are favorable package offers. In any case, it is much cheaper than keeping a retoucher on staff or hiring him every time for a specific order.

Every client can count on copyright and confidentiality. This means that RetouchMe Pro does not pass the received images to third parties, does not distribute client’s data, and does not use them for its purposes. As soon as the work on the order is finished, all sources are deleted.

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