Teen Slangs for Parents To Catch Up With Their Kids

Teen Slangs for Parents To Catch Up With Their Kids

What Is Slang and How Is It Created?

Slang, often used by teens and young adults, is a word or phrase that’s not generally considered standard or polite language. It’s usually used in place of common words or to refer to things that aren’t socially considered formal or appropriate to talk about. For example, “iykyk” is slang for “If you know, you know,” Or ” LMAO” is a gaming slang for referring to “laughing my ass off”.

Slang can be created in various ways – from using popular culture references to developing unique words that only exist in the slang culture. Teenagers use slags to sound cool and talk hideously without worrying about social conventions.

However, as a parent, you don’t need to worry about it because you can now easily install spyware software like mSpy that has “keyword alert” features for decoding slang. It will tell you if your teenager is not using the correct language or trying to hide what they are saying to their friends or detect that your kid stands up to bullies so you can react in time. Some Kids also create short terms to converse coolly in their friend circle.

Popular Teen Slangs:

Every era has its teen and gaming slang insults. These are the short forms of simple words or your teenager’s self-created words, and parents don’t comprehend them easily. Therefore, parents need to know the meaning of popular gaming and teen slang. So, here is the list of a few teen slang and gaming slang separately.

Teen Slangs:

Teens love to use excellent words. For suppose, “What’s up” is old slang used to ask someone what’s going on in their life, and “Dope” is used to indicate cool. Similarly, “OMG” is used to say Oh my gosh or oh my god. “TBH” is also slang used for saying “to be honest”.

Teens don’t care about the terms they are using with their friends. “FML” (f**k my life) is the meanest slang that they use in a sarcastic way to shove something off hideously. Furthermore, GOAT is one of the most popular teen slang to say the greatest of all time.

Gaming Slangs:

This is the modern gaming era where people don’t just play games but chat simultaneously to enjoy the game together. Therefore, there are so many gaming slangs to know. For instance, Monks is slang to show that you are scared, while POV is slang for point of view. Besides, GG stands for a good game. AFK is used to say that they are “away from the keyboard”.

Sometimes teenagers use slang words to save time while typing. As they would tell LMIRL to say, “Let’s meet in real life” to their virtual gaming friend. Besides, if you are a beginner in gaming slang, you may also not know that “FYI” means “for your information”. Similarly, OD means overdose, and easter egg is used by teenagers to indicate something very hard to find. Teenagers also use LAG when a player is not playing promptly or delaying the game and Buff to point a weapon that has high stats.


There are a lot of gaming slang terms that you can’t remember by reading a short article. Therefore, we advise you to install mSpy to stay alert to what slang your kids are using and know what they are talking about. Its impressive keyword alert and other chat and location tracking features will keep you updated.

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