The best apps to keep you entertained

The best apps to keep you entertained

Most people use apps such as Google, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube on a regular basis, but what other apps are out there that could help you relax and keep you entertained? New technological advancements are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and, as a result of this, applications keep getting more complex and varied.

Maybe you enjoy using social media or going on gaming sites? Everyone’s different. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are some of the most popular and obvious apps. You can easily connect with people and share content between users. Let’s have a look at a few more apps that are bound to keep you entertained!


If you are interested in educational podcasts and talks from experts in different subjects, then the TED app is for you. Most people are familiar with TED Talks; it doesn’t matter what subject you are interested in, chances are there will be a TED Talk covering it. If you haven’t yet spent some time going down the rabbit-hole on YouTube, then the app will make this even easier for you. Containing the full TED video collection (available to watch with subtitles from more than 100 languages), it is truly accessible to everyone. You can even view files when you are offline, as the app acts like a database, meaning you can always watch videos wherever you are. The app is customized to allow you to create your own playlist so that you can listen to all your favourite thinkers and inspirational speakers.


For those who love card games, the industry-leading online poker room, PokerStars, has native iOS and Android apps optimized for smartphone and tablet devices. Within the app, you’ll be able to access cash games, as well as single and multi-table tournaments. There’s also broadcasts interviews with poker pros and access to informational content on improving your poker strategy. As a market leader for online poker players, it’s continually refining its software, bringing subtle tweaks mentioned in its regular release notes, including new games or changes to accessing existing games or events. The aim of poker is to win as many chips or money as possible by beating the other players during a hand, but not all players have the same objective since you don’t need to be a master. Some players play strictly for fun.


Most people from the 1990s will remember the game ‘Lemmings’ on the PC; numerous people have passed hours of their days watching these helpless animals walking off cliffs and trying to save them. This 30-year-old game has been updated for mobile and adapted to be able to be played at the end of a fingertip. The aim of the game is to solve a series of puzzles and to save the lives of the poor lemmings. It is as addictive as the original and suitable for all ages, whether you are an adult indulging in nostalgia or just having some fun.


The world of video-streaming and watching series is huge; it is growing more quickly than most industries in the entertainment world. Netflix is becoming more popular than terrestrial television and some of the biggest and most popular films and series are now being produced by the streaming site’s production company. Naturally, most people that have a Netflix account will also have the Netflix application on their mobile phone. It is the easiest way to access the extensive online database they offer. As on the website, you can download some films and series to your phone, so that even when you are offline (on journeys etc.), you can still sit back and enjoy the best in entertainment. It’s still comfortably the market leader for on-demand streaming entertainment, with a global market share of 37.9% in Q1 2023.

For individuals looking to expand their streaming options, using a VPN movies allows access to an even broader range of content by bypassing geographical restrictions and unlocking region-specific libraries. With the growing dominance of platforms like Netflix in on-demand streaming, utilizing a VPN enables users to enjoy a diverse selection of films and series from various regions, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.


Long-time fans of the Monopoly board game finally have a mobile app to get their casual gaming fix. MONOPOLY GO! is already one of the most popular free game apps in the Google Play Store. You can play with family and friends online and encounter new worlds themed after some of the world’s biggest cities, tourist landmarks and destinations. There’s regular tournaments you can enter to try and win virtual prize money. Some in-game accessories and features can also be bought using real money.


Pandora is like Spotify and is a music-streaming app where you can find music from your favourite artists. Whether it’s a song, an album or a playlist you are looking for, you can find it here. You can even create and share your own playlists. The app doesn’t play adverts and the sound quality is high. As with all the best apps, you can download content and then listen to it when you want to, even when your device isn’t online. The ‘Pandora Plus’ option also gives you the opportunity to play your favourite radio stations. After all, what is life without music?

There are more fantastic applications for any and every need, these are just a spread of some of the best ones for different fields. There is an ocean of different options at your disposal so dive in!


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