The importance and benefits of a UX audit

The importance and benefits of a UX audit

If you manage a digital project and keep getting worse-than-supposed results, you might need to carry out a user experience review. If you manage a digital project that you are preparing to launch into the market successfully, you might need to carry out a user experience review. It is not an almighty tool, but it has indispensable value if you want to highlight and root out the issues that disrupt the path of your users, decrease conversions, and affect revenues.

When is UX audit the most beneficial?

  • You want to transform something that already exists. Reveal the issues that are preventing users from going to where you lead them, conduct a redesign, and make it easier for the customer to take the actions you desire them to take.
  • Metrics defining. You get solid data that you can base on when evaluating your progress and planning further strategy. Having actionable data, you are not moving blindly in the darkness.
  • Make predictions and assess the excellence of the new product that you are launching. By evaluating the UX design and finding some issues before starting the development phase, you can save time and resources on their elimination, and get a better product with better perspectives in the end.

What does UX Audit Process looks like?

Interested in the possibilities the UX audit opens and want to more about how it is done? Analysts of Arounda, a Ukrainian digital design agency, top-rated by Dribble, Clutch, and Upwork, conduct a UX review in four stages:

  1. UX analysis to define how seamless is the user’s path, the consistency of logic put into interactions, how intuitive the interface is, and what emotions it causes.
  2. Content assessment. It includes checking if the user can onboard easily, get help with any questions, and how easy it is for them to perform the key action.
  3. Solving the issue of technical issues. The auditing team will prevent the engineering flaws for the new project and detect and fix them in the project that is already on the market.
  4. Summarization. The client gets a report with full feedback, including metrics, uncovered drawbacks, and descriptions of possible improvements.

Expert UX audit: less trouble, more benefits

What will a high-quality UX audit help you to achieve?

  • Better user satisfaction. The happy user continues to use your product and tells their friends about it.
  • Higher conversions. By finding the setbacks that frustrate your clients and managing them, you avert users from leaving your product behind.
  • Avoid budget losses. The audit can provide valuable directions for design & development teams on how to fix existing issues and prevent future ones.
  • Upgrade performance. The operation improvement encourages people to use the product and perceive it better.

If you want to effortlessly get insight regarding how to enhance your product, and make it more valuable for the market you are on and more successful, Arounda agency will gladly help you. Contact the Arounda team to receive a UX audit in the shortest terms and grow your digital product into the best in your field!

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