Top 6 Biggest Impacts of Web Hosting on Digital Marketing Success

Top 6 Biggest Impacts of Web Hosting on Digital Marketing Success

Online marketing has allowed entrepreneurs to reach millions of customers easily through the web. That’s why a lot are now investing in the most up-to-date knowledge and strategies in digital marketing.

Unfortunately, all the marketing website tips in the world won’t suffice if the website isn’t functioning well. That’s why businesses that are growing quickly invest in dedicated server hosting to remedy website-related issues.

If you’re in doubt about how necessary these advantages are to business success, keep reading. We’ll cover how big an impact web hosting has on digital marketing, as well as a few ways you can further expand its usefulness to your enterprise.

How Does Web Hosting Impact Your Success in Digital Marketing?

Many of the ways web hosting impacts digital marketing efforts have to do with the conversion rate. This is the ratio of those who took action to the total number of those who visited a certain page.

So, to better illustrate our point, we’ll discuss most of the impacts in terms of conversion rate.

1. It Determines Your Ability to Scale

As part of supporting business growth, there must be an investment in additional resources, including web hosting.

Shared hosting may have worked well when you were just starting out, but it won’t suffice as your traffic grows. Once your site visitors start receiving errors from your site, be prepared for a mass exodus.

To purchase the product they’re looking for, they’ll go to your competition. This, in effect, decreases the conversion rate and the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

2. It Affects Page Loading Time

According to Google, visitors abandon a site if it doesn’t load within the first three seconds. They’re not willing to wait! This means the entire funnel suffers as a result.

With the decreased qualified leads to convert for the middle and bottom of the funnel, the return on advertising decreases as well.

And did you know that loading speed also impacts your organic search ranking? Whether you’re investing in paid ads or organic marketing, dedicated server hosting can eliminate issues associated with loading time.

3. It Helps Address the Dreaded 404

For some reason, some pages just stop loading. And depending on the pages that don’t load, the impact can be drastic.

Imagine working weeks to create a full sales funnel only for the purchase page to stop working. All that hard work would amount to nothing as the conversion rate at the bottom of the funnel would drop to zero.

With a quality provider, you’ll get real-time reports. This way, you’ll be able to fix the problem immediately.

4. It Determines Consistency

With shared hosting, other owners use the same server. So, if a few people on the server launch a huge campaign at the same time, you may experience issues.

Therefore, the hosting service isn’t always reliable. Although this isn’t your fault and you’re doing everything right, it doesn’t matter. If the visitors are inconvenienced, they’ll look for other companies with the same offer.

5. It Affects Online Security

In any business, trust is very important. But should there be any kind of data breach, expect customer loyalty to dwindle. This translates into fewer people attempting to visit your page.

Worse, search engines can flag you and display a warning before someone gets to your website. Therefore, not only are you going to lose existing followers, but you’re also missing out on new ones.

A dedicated server is generally more secure because you don’t share it with anyone else. And when employed with other security measures, your conversion rate at the top of the funnel won’t suffer.

6. It Determines Site Uptime

Because of the effects of constant downtimes, a good provider will guarantee at least 99.99% uptime and actually deliver on that promise.

Downtime affects digital marketing in three ways:

  • It reduces site visitors;
  • It lowers organic ranking;
  • It tarnishes your brand reputation.

The result? Potentially thousands of dollars in ad spend wasted. The revenue loss may be even bigger!

Maximize the Benefits of Upgrading Your Web Hosting

Have you decided that a dedicated server is the best option for you? Great!

Take this opportunity to improve what you get from your investment. Remember, a dedicated server is a sunk cost. This means that no matter how much or little of it you use, you’re still going to pay the same.

Think of it this way: if three roommates share a $1,000 rent, it will come to $333.33 each. But if they add another one, it will decrease to $250. So, the more you use it, the cheaper it becomes as an investment.

Try these out to take full advantage of your web hosting:

1. Upgrade Your Web Graphics

There’s always going to be an argument for clean and simple designs. But for certain niches, more complicated graphics may work.

Let’s say your website sells storybooks for kids. And to create interest in your work, you regularly publish comics for free. Because children respond well to beautiful pictures, perhaps upgraded graphics will help reduce the bounce-off rate.

2. Create a Different Site

If you’re at the point of needing a dedicated server, your business is probably more established already. So why not bank on this success by making another site? This site can be an offshoot of the original or anything else that’s related to the existing brand.

Domain names are pretty cheap, and this is a great way to expand the business if you already have a strong online presence. You also already know digital marketing strategies that work in the industry. This means you don’t have to test every method out to see what works.

3. Increase Your Marketing Spending

Now that you have a dedicated server that can handle the increased traffic, it’s time to scale up!

Increasing your marketing spending can help you get even more qualified leads to your site. And assuming the same conversion rates, you’ll see an increase in your revenue.

You can even create a new funnel to profit from an untapped market. Because your web hosting can now handle the traffic, you don’t have to worry about compromising site speed.

Want to Run Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns? It Starts with Reliable Web Hosting

In the digital world, a website is your main connection to your market. That’s why you should invest in quality web hosting services that match your current and projected needs.

Among its impacts, site loading speed, uptime, and security can be the success or downfall of any campaign. A dedicated server ensures that you don’t have to deal with such issues.

But dedicated web hosting does more than respond to your growing needs. It also creates new avenues for your enterprise to grow. From revamping the site to be more graphics-heavy to creating a new funnel to attract more customers, you’ll be able to do it all without any negative impact on site performance.

Web hosting is like the foundation of a building. On its own, it can’t bring in revenue. But it provides you the necessary support to make success in the digital marketing space possible.

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