Travel and Hospitality Industry: Top Management Problems and Best Software Solution

Travel and Hospitality Industry: Top Management Problems and Best Software Solution

Travel and hospitality companies are ranked among the most lucrative businesses in the world. The industry recorded tremendous growth over the years until when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Even so, despite the gains, the travel and hospitality industry has inevitable challenges. Thankfully, innovative hospitality IT solutions can help businesses overcome these challenges.

Like other industries worldwide, technology has transformed different aspects of the travel and hospitality industry. Modern software helps the industry streamline its administrative processes and systems to boost its overall operations.

Since investing in a management software system is essential, this article will highlight the industry’s management problems and how to tackle them using the best software solutions.

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Majors Challenges in Travel and Hospitality Industry

·         Slow Technology Adoption

There is a slow adoption of technology in the industry. This has led to understaffing and poor customer experience.

·         Complexity in the Booking Process

Traveling goes beyond flight and hotel. It includes communication, bookings, accommodation, etc. Rigid policies make it hard to cancel and make necessary changes to a booking.

·         Poor Customer Service

Most pre-travel processes are conducted online. Lack of proper tools inhibits your staff from delivering exceptional service, which increases customer complaints. On the other hand, modern systems enable companies to maintain guests’ preferences to help workers serve them appropriately.

How to Choose the Best Software Solutions

Indeed the travel and hospitality industry has witnessed tremendous transformation thanks to technology. But some companies are still lagging because they opt for one-size-fits-all solutions for their digital product. They don’t want to conduct a detailed preliminary investigation and identify the best IT solution for their needs.

Thankfully, Acropolium has rich experience in software development. The experts will provide a detailed project estimation guide to help you pick the best pricing model. They will also help you calculate the average custom software development cost for your business.

Here are other factors to consider when choosing the best software solution


There are many software solutions in the travel and hospitality industry, including:

  • CRM/ERP Systems
  • Reservation and online booking systems
  • Restaurant POS system
  • Property management system
  • Travel agency software
  • Travel management systems, etc.

These software programs can cost tens of thousands of dollars in addition to monthly usage fees. You can pick the best IT solution by first establishing how much your business is willing to spend on licensing and fees. The good news is that Acropolium has a product within your budget.


Every organization has different needs and requirements. Thus it’s important to find a software development company that can design a solution that meets your business needs. This will help you to delete what you don’t need and add features that can help you personalize your product.


Most startups are small now but will become established firms in a few years. Your current software may not keep up with the increased traffic, customer database, and products. Therefore pick a solution whose bandwidth and functionality can increase in size.


Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics. Online cyber attacks have increased and can bankrupt your business. Therefore pick a software solution that offers your business, staff, and customers the best possible security.

Customer Support

Challenges are inevitable. Therefore consider customer support when buying new software. First, your staff must learn the new product with the help of tech support. The business may need help when recovering data after an accident or cyberattack. Therefore the software development company of choice should offer 24-hour support irrespective of location.


The demand for software solutions in travel and hospitality is growing. Guests want a seamless customer experience; if not, they will shift to your competitor. The 5 factors mentioned above can help you pick the best software solutions for your business. Good software should save staff time, enables you to manage customer data, and increase sales.

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