Two skills for reading books with original languages

Two skills for reading books with original languages

We all need to read on a regular basis and to read in english we need to read a lot. Most of the topics and books are in English and that requires our skill in the original language. Either we should have the skill or need to get the skill to read books in english.

We all need to learn foreign languages. Reading is not a simple task; you will need to read a lot. It’s a fact that many great authors and leaders were not proficient in English.

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Methods of Reading

Now we will discuss the easy reading methods here, that will help you to read better and the process mentioned below will give you a better grip on reading english.

Intensive Reading

Step 1: Read the whole thing first

First read any english topic fully, that will give you a basic idea. Reading gives you the opportunity to understand the author’s thoughts. It helps you to grasp what he means and how he says it. That is why you should study harder and be determined to master English.

If you want to learn something quickly, just read it over and over again until it becomes familiar to you. It may take a while to make a lot of progress, but once you begin to absorb the information, you’ll make real progress.

Step 2: Underline the uncertain word (don’t check it yet)

You have to mark the lines in English that you do not understand. Then you try to use a dictionary to know the meaning or use an online translator to get the exact meaning here.

If you have trouble understanding some words in English, then you will need to practice using different words to express the same meaning.

Step 3: Understand the main idea

After reading a topic, try to understand what it tells. If you get the idea then it is easy to make a guess what the book is about, then you can read and move on slowly.

If you are going to read a book, it is important that you understand what it tells you so that you know what you are supposed to learn from it.

Step 4: Guess what the words that you can’t guess are likely to be

If you read a new word and you do not have any idea about the meaning, here you can try to understand the meaning from the surrounding words and concept.

Some words have the same meaning. In this case, if you read a new word, you should first figure out what the surrounding words mean. When you read words that have a similar meaning, you should check the synonym list for more information.

Step 5: Start looking up the dictionary for comparison

For new words use a dictionary, if you do not have an idea about the meaning try to see the synonyms. From synonyms and the whole sentence we can guess the meaning of a word.

A dictionary can help you with this. Sometimes there is more than one word that means the same thing. In those cases, a dictionary will help you to understand what the different meanings are. You can also use the word part of speech or verb tense in addition to the dictionary.

Step 6: Look All Over Again

If you do not get any meaning, try to read the sentence again and again, then you will have some idea. If we read something that does not make any sense, we should question what we have just read.

It is important to ask ourselves questions when we are reading something. For instance, if you come across a difficult sentence, you might ask yourself whether what you are reading makes sense.

Extensive Reading

Step 1: Read​​ it first

We have to read a thing first, then we make an idea about the topic and the whole thing. We should not just read something and then forget about it.

Before we make new ideas, we should first take what we have learned from others’ knowledge and experience and use it to form a new idea.

Step 2: Don’t deliberately check the words you don’t know

When we do not know a word, we should not worry about it at all, and we should not go after it. We just need to make an idea and continue our reading. Make sure that you are paying attention to what the teacher says.

Step 3: Get an overview of the content

By reading a full book or story we have to understand the overall meaning, then we get a 70%-80% idea here. That gives a conceptual idea and you can comment on it.

By understanding the whole picture and getting a concept, you can form your own ideas and opinions. When you read a book or story, you can use these ideas to form a conceptual idea of the topic. There is no harm in doing that.

Step 4: Be able to tell the story to others

When we know around 70% of a book then you can tell the story to others. That is easy, you can share your comments and understanding easily, so we can tell that your reading is successful.

If you like to read a book but haven’t gotten far into it yet, it might be a good idea to review what you’ve already read. Reviewing a book you’ve read a few times might help you to understand it better and remember things better.


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