What are Retail IoT?

What are Retail IoT?

Retail is one of the largest industries across the globe in terms of revenue and provision of employment. Its activities also have a huge impact on modern society. Because of that, there has been an enormous need to develop technology that bridges the gap between retailers and consumers.

The evolution of the internet of things (IoT) has dramatically transformed the retail landscape. Retail-related businesses have continued to adopt IoT technology to improve various areas, including supply chain management, equipment maintenance, warehousing, and shopping, among others. As a result of the growth of the Internet of Things, customers enjoy a smart or connected shopping experience as retailers apply the technology to improve their products and services.

The following are innovative uses of IoT in the retail industry.

Smart Stores

Retailers have adopted innovative stores to increase their revenues and retain business. Indeed data collection and digital connectivity have greatly improved customer experience. Today businesses are transforming the shopping experience through the use of robots to monitor inventory across the aisles, point-of-sale systems to sell products to their customers instead of letting them stand in a checkout line, and much more.

Companies have developed software that provides various solutions, including automatic shelf monitoring, merchandising compliance, and much more. Vusion is a game-changing retail IoT operating system that helps retailers transform their physical stores into digital stores in various ways. The technology has automated price displays in aisles, provided digital tags that enable the store to accurately manage store inventory and optimize product availability, in-store marketing, and much more.

Smart Warehouses

Technology is helping retailers manage their warehouses efficiently. It’s now easier to locate items and optimize warehouse operation, thus improving order fulfillment accuracy and speed, as well as reducing labor costs, all without disrupting the ongoing warehouse operations.

Additionally, the IoT technology enables retailers to provide flexible on-demand warehousing by linking businesses that need space with those with a surplus of space.

Connected Customers

The IoT technology helps retailers stay connected with their customers by assisting them in finding products, offering personalized deals, and a smart self-checkout cart. As a result of this technology, customers can pick a product from the shelf, scan its barcode, drop it in the cart and pay on the cart. In other words, the customer doesn’t require an app or wait in line to complete their shopping.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain has recorded increased revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies because of the IoT technology. Today there is exceptionally high transparency in various supply chain operations, including production, transportation, storage, and retail stockings.

Businesses can track products and people in the warehouse and transit. Retailers can now monitor the condition of shipped goods, expedite a replacement when damaged, adjust future routes if necessary and give customers a heads-up.

Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Companies are happy when their equipment is in good working condition. Knowing when certain equipment might break down is more exciting because it helps them to prepare. The IoT technology has helped many businesses to identify or predict failures in advance and prepare.

IoT retail applications and platforms give retailers real-time insight not only into their equipment but also into their inventory and buyer behavior. Such software help businesses enhance customer service, optimize merchandising, maximize profits, and more.


Modern technologies such as the Internet of Things have introduced a lot of potential to the retail industry. The concept of IoT has widely opened opportunities in production, transportation, storage, and retail stockings. Automating stores drives retail operations, processes, efficiency, customer experience, and profitability.

Companies have developed several applications or systems that collect important data, process, analyze and transform it into valuable insights. Retailers can now use the information to improve their operations and customer experience as well as make informed decisions. Vusion is one system that turns the physical store into a digital asset thanks to the Internet of Things.


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