Why is Swordfish AI named the Ultimate Contact Finder?

Why is Swordfish AI named the Ultimate Contact Finder?

AI has an enormous impact on recruiting, and sourcing people worldwide as it makes things easy for employers or businesses. There is a lot of AI support, like Zoominfo. But the best Zoominfo alternative is Swordfish AI, which is taking the place of the best contact tool. It saves time and money. It gives spot-on information about the employee or data recruiters need. The Swordfish AI extension on Google Chrome is getting wide acceptance due to its efficiency and proper storage of data.

Swordfish AI can speculate on the digital social presence of a vendor or a person who will work for a company through its software and information-based system. There are loads of social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, GitHub, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Bing, and Dribble, where people have a large presence. The Swordfish AI can conveniently find cell phone numbers, business emails, and other contact information.

To maintain the standard of quality, Swordfish AI is linked to over a hundred network partners and live apps, and their data storage is pretty legit. It has launched the Google Chrome Extension Plugin, which can be found in the Chrome Webstore. This feature allows the business HR to get the possible correct contact information for the best choice according to his parameters. Initially, they collect data through a machine-learning algorithm and cross-check them for final delivery with different social websites. It shows 437 users given a review of 4.8 out of 5 ratings and over 10,000 times it was downloaded for a plugin.

A solid way to figure out the competitor in the market and sales including the details of a person for the HR. Swordfish AI has a few products and solution plans for its use that can help a user like you reach your desired employees or vendors before any of your competitors reach them. It also helps you escape from scammers.

They have plans and solutions like


Healthcare Recruiter: 

They have the data of 5,800,000 nurses, and 1,500,000+ are on LinkedIn. A huge number of physicians’ contacts are similarly stored in their database, and this number is over 2,500,000. Over eleven million people in the USA are connected to Swordfish AI, which is also known as heartbeat.ai.

 Job or Work Recruiter: 

While recruiting, you might need all the available information about the person that you are hiring. Swordfish will assist you in having the data you need, such as business emails, sourced business emails, personal emails, cell phone numbers, direct dials, phone type indicators, real-time email validation, 200+ live partners, real-time phone line validation, and enriched spreadsheets. You might get less in Zoominfo, Lusha, or even in Hunter.

 Sales Lead: 

To save time and sales Swordfish has taken a different approach for this so that you can reclaim your time and revenue. It can optimize the workflow by saving your lead list by profile. You can get the missing data in your list in bulk here without visiting profiles one by one using their filter. Many service providers, like Swordfish, might promise 100% correct information. On the ground, it is an unreal story. You will get nearly 90% of it and swordfish will take you to the most accurate possible data.


They have products like file upload, a Chrome extension, a deep search engine, healthcare hiring, and an API.

There are four plans for you and they are,

  1. i)   5 credits – It’s a 7-day completely free trial where you can get mobile phone numbers, direct dials, personal emails, 15 free business emails, real-time email validation, real-time phone number validation, a deep web search engine, and bulk data enrichment, as the only user is yourself.
  2. ii) Starter Plan : Here you will get everything that you get in 5 credits, but the extras are 100 free business emails, including CSV export, which was not in the previous plan. It has a validity of one month, comes with a price of $99, and the user number is one.

iii)  Starter Plus Plan:  You will have all of the “Starter Plan” services, but this time you will also have 350 free business emails, and the new addition is file enrichment. It has a price of $199 per month for one user. 

  1. iv)  Swordfish: This is insane; you will get everything from the previous plan. What’s new is that free business emails are unlimited and custom credit validity is also unlimited. You will have some free training sessions, a dedicated CSM, and API access. For this, you have to get a quote.

 You can cancel the 100- and 300-credit plans at any time.

Swordfish effortlessly gives you direct access to information like email, phone number, etc. You can get contact on the following web platforms through AI such as


An awesome place where you can get professionals for your required work positions. Swordfish will help you to find them easily by the filter which will find your preferred persons.


a platform where people love to share their personal or business posts. There will not only be a person’s information but also information on many Facebook groups too. The Swordfish Chrome extension will help you get there.

GitHub and Stack Overflow: 

It was difficult to contact the developers before GitHub’s and Stack Overflow’s presence. Now it is easy to find them throughout the Swordfish extension.


To get into a LinkedIn profile scan you might go on google and Bing does the same. You will have contact information without having to leave Bing by the extension of Swordfish.

 Alternative of Swordfish AI

There are many alternative AI on the internet. If you surf the internet, you will find Zoominfo, Lusha, Hunter, and many more. They are good enough to help you find the contact you want. They do, however, have fewer validation steps than Swordfish AI. For a fine example, you might get the phone number and email by using the Zoominfo alternative, but the GitHub and Stack Overflow accounts are missing. In reality, that profile has both accounts on the mentioned website. Sometimes ZoomInfo is unable to provide them to you, whereas Swordfish AI can get you to an existing profile that already exists; otherwise, you might not have a GitHub or Stack Overflow account, which do not even exist.

Swordfish AI is growing with its demand gradually. For its easy UI experience, it might grab more audiences. To get the proper contact, this AI tool is going to be a must for doing work effortlessly. 

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