Fraunces by Undercase Type

Fraunces by Undercase Type

Fraunces is a beautiful old-style serif, inspired by early 20th century typefaces such as Windsor, Souvenir, and Cooper.

The variable axes

Fraunces has 4 variable axes: optical size, weight, softness, and wonky.

Optical Sizeopsz9pt – 144pt144ptLabeled 9pt, 72pt, and 144pt in instances.
Weightwght100 – 900900Labeled Thin, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, and Black in instances.
SoftnessSOFT000 – 100100Labeled S000, S050, and S100 in instances.
WonkyWONK0 – 11Binary axis controls substitution of “wonky” characters. Automatically substitutes when opsz > 18. Not listed in instances.

Optical Size Axis

Ties together changes in contrast, x-height, spacing, and character widths. As opsz decreases, the x-height increases, spacing opens up, and the characters expand in width.

Weight Axis

The wght axis spans from Thin (100) to Black (900).

Softness Axis

The SOFT axis gives access to the softer, rounded forms that are available towards the Optical Min, but still retaining other Optical Sizing considerations, such as change in character width, spacing, tall ascenders, and shorter x-height.

Wonky Axis

A binary axis that subsitutes wonk characters for more normalized characters, such as the leaning n/m/h in Roman, or the bulbous flags in the b/d/h/k/l of the Italic.

Using the font

The two installable .ttf files (Roman and Italic) include all 100+ styles and can be used in any app that has support for variable fonts and OpenType features, such as Adobe Illustrator.

For source files, documentation and instructions on how to build the font using command line, see the Fraunces GitHub repo.

This is a variable font spanning over 100+ styles, but only the 2 default starter styles (144pt Weight 900 Softness 100 Wonky 1) are included in the preview.
Update 14 Nov 2020 v1.000

Language support
Latin Extended
SIL Open Font License    → Licenses explained

Fraunces Roman 144pt Weight 900 Softness 100 Wonky 1

Font preview image

Fraunces Italic 144pt Weight 900 Softness 100 Wonky 1

Font preview image