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Adobe releases Source Han Sans 2.0, new pan-CJK font

Adobe releases Source Han Sans 2.0, new pan-CJK font

Source Han Sans version 2.0 is a major update of the Source Han Sans family which was first released in 2014 in collaboration with Google (which rebrands it as Noto Sans CJK).

Changes in new version

  • Additional support for Traditional Chinese — now includes Hong Kong and the HKSCS-2016 standard.
  • Adjustments to other Chinese glyphs.
  • The Unified Repertoire and Ordering (URO) block of CJK Unified Ideographs is complete up through Unicode Version 11.0 (U+9FEF).
  • This is fifth major update for East Asian language of the Source Han Sans family, and it increases the total number of fonts from 72 to 88.
  • Revised and improved glyphs, tone marks, and typographic support for Bopomofo (the phonetic transliteration system used in Taiwan and some Chinese dialects).
  • As with Source Han Serif, the regular weight fonts are now style-linked to the bold weights. This means that the bold weight may not appear in the font menu, particularly when using applications that support style linking as a way to make text bold.

Important information for users

  • If you are using Source Han Sans through Adobe Fonts (ex-Typekit), Adobe recommends to reactivate the fonts and make sure you have the latest version.
  • The latest version of Adobe InDesign supports language tagging for Hong Kong.
  • More details about the update are available in the release technical notes on GitHub (opens .pdf).

Download Source Han Sans 2.0

All the fonts in this new Source Han Sans version are available for download on GitHub.

Download from Github

A subset is available for desktop and web use through Adobe Fonts.

View on Adobe Fonts

Google’s version — Noto Sans CJK will be available as part of Noto Pan-Unicode font family.