Optimizing Typography in AI-Driven Website Design

Optimizing Typography in AI-Driven Website Design

There are several things you keep in mind when designing a website, and one of them is visual. In order to make the website more enjoyable to visit by end users, you’ll have to make it visually attractive.

You may enhance the look of your website by using unique designs, appropriate colors, and suitable typography. In order to make your brand stand out from the crowd, make use to use the best typography to catch anyone’s attention.

While the process of optimizing a website’s visuals may take some time when you do it manually? Can it be shortened using AI website builders? Are they capable of presenting unique typography? In order to find the answers, check out our explanation below:

Can You Optimize Typography in AI Website Builders?

Of course! As the possibilities in designing your own platform are basically limitless, you’ll also have the freedom to better optimize your site’s typography. No need to be scared to try, especially if you’re thinking much about the price. Most cheap website builders have a free plan that anyone can use, you included. So if you want to just feel the experience, we highly recommend choosing this plan before committing to the other premium ones.

Although, you may need to understand one thing. The customizability in website builders is not as free as in the conventional website-building process. You still have to deal with some designs that are automatically made according to your input. So if you feel that the design doesn’t look as good as you expected, you may try to put the commands again, and see whether the result would satisfy you or not.

Doing trial and error like this may help you in achieving the best possible result that resonates with you. So keep trying until you find that unique website design you desire.

Understanding The Importance of Typography

Before sharing a few tips in regards to making good typography for your brand, it would be better if you understand the scope better.

By definition, typography is a kind of art by combines letters in unique fonts for conveying certain messages to the audience. It is an important part of design. The reason is that even the same words can still convey different messages and impressions depending on the design.

Typography in graphic design is a design element that you can’t completely neglect. To help create content that suits your purpose, use typography to adjust the text in the design. Whether it’s to create an aesthetic design or to create readable text that gives a certain impression that can help brands communicate with their audience effectively.

So, how do you ensure that the message in the design is conveyed well? Check the following explanation.

Ways to Optimize Web Typography

1. Find The Fonts that Suit the Message and Audience

Typography comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles which can be an important element when creating a unique design. However, you still have to pay attention to the font that suits the message to be conveyed and the intended audience. So that the message in the design is conveyed well to the audience.

2. Pay Attention to Spacing and Alignment

Spacing or distance between fonts greatly influences the appearance of typography. Here are some types of spacing:


Leading, the distance between two lines of writing. In creating typography, leading plays an important role in increasing the readability of text on a page. Not only that, leading can also make the text easy for readers to follow without having to lose where the text is being read.

Line spacing that is too small or too tight can leave the impression of being narrow and difficult to read. In fact, there is no correct choice of distance to set leading, but aesthetic judgment can be the basis for how easy it is to read the text itself.


Tracking refers to the spaces between letters throughout a word or phrase. The larger the tracking, the more characters that form a word and have space between the two sides. This is almost the same as leading which can increase the readability or reduce the readability of the writing in the eyes of the reader. The rules used for tracking tend to be relative and depend on the type of font.

Meanwhile, text alignment and consistency are the best ways to improve typography. Combining text alignment styles (aligned left, right, center, aligned left-right, etc.) in a design without having a logical purpose just creates a mess.

Try to avoid using even left-right alignment (justified). Justified almost always creates irregular spacing and messy white space that looks messy and makes it difficult to read. Choose one of the styles to define the body copy (usually left aligned) and stick with it.

3. Avoid using lots of fonts

The tendency to use too many fonts in the design makes the design messy. In general, the best thing you can do in typographic art is to limit one work to only three different types of fonts.

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