Fira Code by Nikita Prokopov

Fira Code by Nikita Prokopov STAFF FAV

Fira Code is an extension of Fira Mono, adding ligatures for common programming multi-character combinations. This greatly improves the time the human eye spends scanning the code and joining multiple characters into single logical operators.

The ligatures are a font rendering feature, so the underlying code remains ASCII-compatible.

For details and pull requests visit the Fira Code Github repo.

Apps and projects that use Fira Code

Browser support

<!-- HTML -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

/* CSS */
@import url(;
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • IE 10+, Edge: enable with font-feature-settings: “calt” 1;
  • ACE
  • CodeMirror (enable with font-variant-ligatures: contextual;)

Terminal support

  • Butterfly
  • iTerm 2 (3.1+)
  • Kitty
  • Konsole
  • mintty (2.8.3+)
  • QTerminal
  • Termux
  • Token2Shell/MD
  • upterm
  • ZOC (macOS)

Editor support

Fira Code works in more than 50 editors, see the Github repo for a list of editors.

Update 10 September 2019 — v2 (Huge update! — see changelog)
Update 30 July 2019 — version 1.207
Update 01 Oct 2018 — version 1.206
Update 30 Sep 2018 — version 1.205
Language support
Latin Extended, Cyrillic Extended, Greek Extended
SIL Open Font License v1.1    → Licenses explained
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