Jost* by Owen Earl

Jost* by Owen Earl

Also known by its previous name (Renner*), Jost* was designed by Owen Earl and released in June 2017 via his foundry indestructible type*. The font family was renamed Jost* due to Monotype holding copyrights over the Renner name.
[Note: The trailing asterisk is the naming policy of the foundry.]

While the initial releases were designed as a free Futura alternative and retained much of Futura’s original design, it’s been rebuilt from ground-up since version 2.0 and evolved into a contemporary Futura, updated and upgraded for the current standards and needs of the digital era.

Owen Earl — the designer of Jost* — put it into better words:

Jost* aims to keep the attitude of Futura rather than the exact design. Futura was designed to be functional in its day, and in that spirit, Jost* aims to be as functional as possible in the digital era. For that reason it deviates from the exact designs of Paul Renner, favoring, for example, a larger x-height or more balanced capital forms. It also includes some features which would have not be possible in the era of Futura.

As of September 2018, at version 3.3 it includes support for over 50 languages and a whopping 18 styles.

Make sure to check out the Jost* Github repo for details, glyph source, and variable font version.


  • 18 styles — 9 weights (100 Hairline, 200 Thin, 300 Light, 400 Book, 500 Medium, 600 Semi, 700 Bold, 800 Heavy, 900 Black) plus matching italics
  • Both tabular and proportional numbers
  • Stylistic alternates
Language support
Latin Extended (50+ languages, hundreds of characters per font)
SIL Open Font License v1.1    → Licenses explained
Adjust size

Jost* Hairline

Jost* Hairline Italic

Jost* Thin

Jost* Thin Italic

Jost* Light

Jost* Light Italic

Jost* Book

Jost* Book Italic

Jost* Medium

Jost* Medium Italic

Jost* Semi

Jost* Semi Italic

Jost* Bold

Jost* Bold Italic

Jost* Heavy

Jost* Heavy Italic

Jost* Black

Jost* Black Italic