Red Hat Display and Text by Jeremy Mickel

Red Hat Display and Text by Jeremy Mickel

Red Hat is a geometric sans inspired by American sans serifs like Tempo and Highway Gothic. It’s the official font family used in Red Hat Enterprise software and includes a total of 14 styles in 2 optical sizes (Display and Text) with various weights and matching italics.

The fonts were originally commissioned by Paula Scher (Pentagram) and designed by Jeremy Mickel (MCKL) for the Red Hat identity.

The Display styles have low contrast, large x-height, open counters and are tightly spaced, which make them well suitable for headlines.

The Text styles are optimized for smaller/body text and better legibility, so they have a slightly smaller x-height and narrower width, are spaced more generously, and have thinner joins.

Update 30 July 2019: Updated to version 2.3.2
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Red Hat Display Regular

Red Hat Display Italic

Red Hat Display Medium

Red Hat Display Medium Italic

Red Hat Display Bold

Red Hat Display Bold Italic

Red Hat Display Black

Red Hat Display Black Italic

Red Hat Text Regular

Red Hat Text Italic

Red Hat Text Medium

Red Hat Text Medium Italic

Red Hat Text Bold

Red Hat Text Bold Italic