Subjectivity by Alex Slobzheninov

Subjectivity by Alex Slobzheninov

Subjectivity is a free display font family with 16 styles (8 weights plus matching slanted styles) and extended language support (192 languages, 347 glyphs per font).

It’s an experimental typeface that combines Objectivity‘s geometric skeleton with unusual features like cursive letter tails and unique contrast. While the thin styles are monolinear, the contrast increases proportionally with bolder weights. It’s the perfect companion for Subjectivity Serif.

All the fonts mentioned above are designed by Alex Slobzheninov

Language support
Latin Extended (192 languages)
SIL Open Font License v1.1    → Licenses explained
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Subjectivity Thin

Subjectivity Thin Slanted

Subjectivity Light

Subjectivity Light Slanted

Subjectivity Regular

Subjectivity Regular Slanted

Subjectivity Medium

Subjectivity Medium Slanted

Subjectivity Bold

Subjectivity Bold Slanted

Subjectivity Extra Bold

Subjectivity Extra Bold Slanted

Subjectivity Black

Subjectivity Black Slanted

Subjectivity Super

Subjectivity Super Slanted